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how to make smoke rings with a water bottle & incense

Posted on 09 June 2014 by admin

thanks for watching plz sub! This is the summary of How to Make Herbal Smoke Incense : A guide to creating reasonably priced JWH Herbal Smoke Incense by Easa Ayyoub.
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20 Responses to “how to make smoke rings with a water bottle & incense”

  1. michael jackson says:

    Just use a vaporizer 

  2. opgamingz says:


  3. Mr.Zombie says:

    It works better when the light is dim and you use paper

  4. SkizzySoFly says:


  5. Kudou Rikudo says:

    Genius :v :3

  6. iWontSmileWithYou says:

    @randomshitairplane i use it and im native and hispanic.. they smell good

  7. king609ify says:

    if you dont have that weird match thing just pore a tiny bit of water into
    your bottle hold the match in then drop it in close the bottle sqeeze it a
    bit then open the top

  8. randomshitairplane says:

    my brother use a humidifier

  9. ooblickfilms says:

    hahhahahhaahhah nice

  10. Aaron Shirley says:

    i just used pot

  11. randomshitairplane says:

    are you asain because they use insense sticks No offence if you find this
    any offensive

  12. Earione says:

    0:49 ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

  13. dachisam says:


  14. Rebekkah Roberts says:

    this is legit as fukk

  15. branden holbert says:


  16. XxAdamIsChaosxX says:

    Nice job.

  17. FLIPproductions1 says:


  18. Cesar Garcia says:

    thats beast

  19. cearty says:

    sit on it

  20. Jordan Allen says:



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