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How to: Lollipop and SCROG your Cannabis Plant (part 2)

Posted on 15 February 2014 by admin

Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultiva…

PT 1 - Grow your own Medical Cannabis

The first part of a beginners guide to growing Medical Cannabis – 1. Know the laws of your state and the federal laws so you can minimize your legal risks 2….

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18 Responses to “How to: Lollipop and SCROG your Cannabis Plant (part 2)”

  1. ely miller says:

    That grow is a waste. The plants look like shit.

  2. laszlo Foris says:

    oh my god.. after u flower all that u might end up w a quarter… cfls are
    way too small and wayy too far to get any kind of solid crystals .. u have
    no penetration with those small lights that far awat. why did u cheap out,
    just buy the 60 dollar 140 000 lumen cfl idiot, u prolly spent more on
    those 24 watters…. hope u picked a good genetic cuz thats fifty percent
    rite there. ur scrogg is set up horribly… u didnt train them properly
    so thats proably why u had to do ur scrogg that way.. spaces are way to
    big, ur nugs are tiny.. ughhh .. ur clones are wayyyyy to wet… wow.. also
    have fun waiting months for those flowering clone to go back into veg..ur
    also shocking the shit out of them…hope u took em from a low branch…
    flowering plants have some veg hormone in lower branches that havent really
    budded.. anything near the middle will take forever so i hope u planned
    that one out. people like u make me cringe..stop growing ur making growers
    look dumb.

  3. Kevin Lee says:

    I would love to see the harvest…

  4. Wadley225 says:

    Video maker – First off, you are WHITE – quit making those hand signs at
    the end like some ‘hood gangsta. You aren’t one. Second, it is STUPID to
    waste a vote on Ron Paul when you could and should be voting Republican
    like me.

  5. k Terri says:

    Thaksin’s you’re excellent teacher

  6. gary layton jr says:


  7. shortymacish says:

    That plant looks like shit bro

  8. Wadley225 says:

    2:20 – Damn, man — how can you stand having your fingernails so short?
    How do you pick your nose?

  9. glennster5 says:


  10. Discofreestyle says:

    that looks like a shitty grow, no offence

  11. Scott Smith says:

    You should really learn how to grow first before making videos trying to
    pass on your shitty methods. That plant is weak as shit, stretching like a

  12. Jeremiah Andrews says:

    Awesome to see more horrible growers that that say hey just rip it off and
    let it tear strands of skin off your shit. Your plants are garbagio no
    offense to the plants. they know not where they are. In the lair on black
    thumb the dumb and his shifty grow room.

  13. Sammy Sain says:

    Take this video down. It has so much inaccurate information in it. “Many
    attempts at Scrogging turn out to be merely a skeletal support structures
    for standard plants, not real Scrogs. A Scrog is when you bring those arms
    up and run them lengthwise under the screen. All those would-be popcorn
    buds become real buds because they become part of the canopy and receive
    direct light. Lower buds are brought up to the screen or the screen is
    lowered, allowing them to become a part of the canopy.”

  14. Jessy Williams says:

    Horrible video dude. Do your research brothaman…. Good luck

  15. Loïc DM says:


  16. anna Grow says:

    Plants not to healthy.. Waay stretched..Get some light in there man

  17. Jim Huysentruyt says:

    what a fool .

  18. MichiganRhizosphere says:

    Let’s get an update on these babies!


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