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How to know if someone smoked a spice?

Posted on 11 November 2013 by admin

Question by M-A-K-U-N-A G: How to know if someone smoked a spice?
1. what kind of test can show it? 2. I’m interested how person looks when they are under the smoking effect?

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Answer by D
1. There are individual urine test kits available for it.
2. In most cases it lasts a short while, 5-20 minutes from what I’ve observed in regular users. It can be bizarrely psychedelic at first; the subject may exhibit very strange behavior, however brief, followed by a marijuana-like effect. It *has* been known to last much longer periods in some people.
3. Being the (pseudo) scientist that I am, I’ve sampled several of the cannabimimetics used in Spice and similar products. Conclusion: Do not ingest!

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