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How to get to porter meadow for the 4/20 event?

Posted on 29 January 2014 by admin

Question by Amine A: How to get to porter meadow for the 4/20 event?
Im trying to go to the 420 event in santa cruz CA. I know its in santa cruz at porter meadow but how exactly to you get to the spot?

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Answer by Luno
It’s at UC Santa Cruz…..on the college campus.

First of all, good luck getting on campus….administration has really been trying to control the event…

and I mean, not that they are trying to stop it, but they are trying to prevent non-students from getting on campus and causing trouble.

Anyway, it is on the West side of the campus…you just walk up from the base of the school (High St) and then head west…

It will be very clear where it is. Trust me. You won’t have a problem locating it, but you might have some trouble getting on campus.

Cars will not be allowed on campus unless they have UCSC permits. People trying to enter the campus will be asked by officials what their intentions for their day on campus will be, and will be turned away if they don’t have a “good” reason..

It isn’t a “Santa Cruz event” …it is something that UCSC students do…

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