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How safe is incense to smoke?

Posted on 17 June 2014 by admin

Query by : How safe is incense to smoke?

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Answer by Elise
it depends what incense you are referring to. if you are speaking of the variety that comes in a tiny baggie (spice, K2 are well-known brands) and appears like tiny leafy crumbs, it is protected to smoke but I would not suggest it. apparently they spray the “incense” with ammonia or some other chemical that creates a buzz, but it is a quite weird buzz. there haven’t been any reported incidents as far as i know. you might just want to google “k2” and see what comes up.

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4 Responses to “How safe is incense to smoke?”

  1. Bluebird says:

    That fake pot incense has put quite a lot of people in the hospital. Better steer clear of it.

  2. Hippy Kitty says:

    If you mean incense stick been burnt or incense on a charcoal burner then it is safe, I use it frequently in rituals, for meditation and for leisure ( i like the smell) I find that some I don’t like and can cause me to cough like frankincense but I just don’t burn that and i’m fine, I have a peak flow measure and my lung capacity hasn’t been decreasing one bit, I do regular exercise and I haven’t gotten out of breath.
    I and many of my friends fine it very good for relaxing and other things so it’s safe just don’t use lot’s of it so you can’t see threw the smoke and open a window afterwards to like some new air in is my advise

  3. homegrown says:

    Not safe at all. Those companies keep changing their ingredients to be able to legally sell their products. They sell those products ‘not intended for smoking use’. The FDA doesn’t even regulate it. Smoke the real natural stuff or don’t smoke at all.

  4. Well, you asked! says:

    Fake pot is not incense, and if it is a legal smoke, store owners should be proud to put it out and call it a legal smoke instead of confusing people by calling it “incense”, “spice”, or “bath salts”. There have been many reported incidents of people in the emergency room from smoking that stuff. If a store owner tells you it’s incense, ask them why they don’t call it a legal smoking mixture, and why would you want to spend 30 bucks a gram for it. If you are talking about real incense, and not “incense”, it is not meant to be inhaled at such close range.


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