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How MARIJUANA effects the Brain

Posted on 08 January 2012 by admin

Simple it protects it But watch it initial so you realize what i imply. SUBSCRIBE TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA CANNABIS Large MARIHUANA MEDICAL WEED 420

1 of the fantastic ironies in the debate more than marijuana’s medical applications is that the drug may demonstrate to be vastly far more beneficial than several marijuana activists even recognize. As the US government continues to block medical marijuana analysis, scientists about the globe are finding new and thrilling opportunities: Investigators at Bar-Ilan University in Israel report that the administration of THC drastically affects the viability of GBM cells. Glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive type of glioma (brain cancer), strikes some 7000 Americans yearly, and usually benefits in death inside a single to two years following diagnosis. “THC [is] an important mediator of cannabinoid antitumoral action,” investigators concluded. study the complete text here:
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47 Responses to “How MARIJUANA effects the Brain”

  1. JohnnyPEntertainment says:

    So basically what this video tells us is that theres Cannabinoid receptors thoughout our body.
    Cannabinoid receptors??
    So this means humans are expected to smoke weed?
    There are receptors in our body waitting to recept THC??

  2. XxRavynRampagexX says:

    oh a top comment.

    coo. very coo.

  3. LittleKiller16 says:

    That guy must of been high as fuck, to lay there for 5 hours. Lol

  4. markbong says:

    this video is 1 second too short

  5. DrocSkates905 says:

    @XxRavynRampagexX i had a bad trip, so i said i quit, but i cant quit i FUCKING LOVE IT XD

  6. spamus420 says:

    seriously…if you’re fucking high don’t watch this. The jittery movements will seriously fuck with your brain. I refreshed the video 4 times, as well as closed background programs because i didn’t know if it was the weed or my computer lagging!

  7. Mitchhhful says:

    nice slideshow

  8. StillComedy says:

    @MBrepository9 it’s not addictive at all you fool, plus you have no idea what you’re talking about. the only addicting part about it is, wanting to do it. your body doesnt physically crave it like Serious drugs like: meth, heroin, cocain.. but thumbs up for legalizing the magical ganja

  9. riyaashi says:


  10. stormyglint says:

    people should watch this when there stoned lol

  11. peruvianchico27 says:

    what is this movie/documentary called?

  12. blite13 says:

    seizures can be reduced or even ended in epeleptic sufferers with THC oil.

  13. michealjohnedmondson says:

    in the words of BOB MARLEY

    “Alcohol makes you drunk mon, it don’t make you meditate”

  14. danielhinton13579 says:

    @richardblabla yeh, i got drunk with my bro once with straght up vodka, and i have to say, i promise that i will NEVER EVER have another drink of anything with an alcohol taste, everytime i smell it, or taste a wine, i just gag. NEVER EVER AGAIN! im glad that i stopped at an early age, now i know that im not going to be an alcoholic, or a smoker! i hate cigarettes! blah!

  15. STRATUSPHERE01 says:

    @HellaPerformance Mj has a neutral to either cause or take away paranoia.

  16. STRATUSPHERE01 says:

    @xXTrueSShotX idiot

  17. STRATUSPHERE01 says:

    @xXTrueSShotX idiot

  18. SubHek says:

    Did this research say Cannabis protects the Liver?

  19. xXTrueSShotX says:

    @Vampyrekai Troll

  20. Vampyrekai says:

    @xXTrueSShotX You are either: Troll, Stupid, or Both.. Can’t tell

  21. KrulEastwood says:

    @MBrepository9 How is marihuana healthier then tobacco?

  22. VanillaFace002 says:

    damn one second off :I

  23. innerchild1982 says:

    @tahthedon your damn right my friend………

  24. tahthedon says:

    depopulation plan, that’s why.

  25. nekro82gmail says:

    I READ A HEART-WARMING story ABOUT that cancer. it was written by a girl who is telling a story of her dying dad. the story is sad, but really comforting cause there is a lot about some miracles and news from heaven , you can buy the book on amazon by anna piekarczyk : my dad my first love : THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH it will really help you all

  26. MrLexdizzle says:

    NCI website states that, “The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect.”

  27. TheThruster24 says:

    We need to wipe away the government induced biased opinion on medical marijuana.

  28. deeppurple28 says:

    I heard that Marijuana doesn’t like Cancer! Get that Sucka Mary Jane!

  29. SAMFlSHER40l7 says:

    @88Ronalds THC kills brain cells. It does so by saturating the protein coupled receptors that are located on the cell’s surface to induce the cell to make a fatty substance, called ceramide. Once that happens, the levels will accumulate to either arrest the cell cycle, directly activate the MAPK pathway, or up-regulate the endoplasmic reticulum genes. All of which will lead to apoptosis.

  30. 88Ronalds says:

    @SAMFlSHER40l7 There is no such thing as overdose on weed. There is no such thing as brain damage, because you are tricking your brains, with THC, so they start working like that-it’s opposite of what alcohol does to them, by smashing them to get the effect. It’s just not right, that things like tobacco, and alcohol is legal to do, when something that safe as pot isn’t? What will change if you legalize it? Tax it, regulate it-make it safer, and for those who have 18. Also, put some laws to it.

  31. 88Ronalds says:

    @SAMFlSHER40l7 1 Joint is 1 gram. If you smoke it lately, you will know that after 1 G, you will probably be so stoned to pass out. So in reality, you can smoke 0.2 G to be just high. There is nothing in marijuana, that makes it addictive physically, because there is no such chemical reactions in your brain. It’s only addictive because, you smoke it like joint, because smoking is addictive mentally. In other ways, inhaling it, isn’t addictive, the feeling also. It’s not a drug. 

  32. ThatsMsAbbey says:

    I am a 23 year old single mother, who was diagnosed at age 7 with astrocytoma (benign form) which turned into Oligodendroglioma (brain cancer stage 2) and I will tell you what. I hate marijuana, the taste, the smell, having to smoke it to kill the nausea from my radiation, it was horrible. BUT if this is the drug that keeps me on this Earth so I can see my 16 month old little girl Graduate someday and get married, then I’m going to blaze up!!

  33. khimosaubi says:

    Watch “Run from the cure” … its about a guy in nova scotia, close to me in canada.. buddy cured his own cancer and many others with heml oil.. 2 small amounts per day.. please watch this and get this info out.

  34. WNSoren says:

    @mara0facoma o

  35. mara0facoma says:

    @WNSoren pleaese watch”RUN FROM THE CURE” it is uploaded on youtube and is a good documentary.A man has discovered if you eat the essential oil of the cannabis plant it cures cancer and many other diseases…

  36. WNSoren says:

    it doesnt cure it, it just makes the recovery process less painful

  37. CraigXchannel says:

    check out my channel if you LOVE weed! you might recognize me from a couple movies

  38. SAMFlSHER40l7 says:

    @tiedstraw Smoking 1 marijuana joint is just like smoking 20 cigarettes and for every scum bag doing it I don’t wanna be the one paying for it. Its bad enough that we have to tolerate this kind of drug epidemic that we have so many marijuana addicts as well as meth addicts in rehab feeding off our tax payer money so they can buy more meth and smoke more pot. If we can get a petition to get everyone to sign and make sure no1 buys pot from anyone and we can prevent the next catastrophe.

  39. tiedstraw says:

    @LAZrailkapinda typical dumbass. Smoking TOBACCO causes cancer. CANNABIS has been scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of multiple cancer cells(concentrated thc) and stimulates the brain(mind) encouraging new brain cell growth while on the other hand tobacco and alcohol has been proven to supress the growth of new cells. Annual deaths from
    Tobacco: 400,000. Annual deaths from drunk drivers: 40,000. Deaths from a direct result of cannabis usage ONLY since human existence: 0. Scientifica

  40. oldskhool4eva says:

    It’s the hypothalimus that regulates everything in our bodys u muppet.

  41. x3m4etoBG says:

    will never catch tumor:D):)

  42. KingLC90 says:

    My grandmother has been diagnosed with a small brain tumor and lung-cancer, this friday shes going to the neurologist. Im going with her and was planning to present studies that suggest weed has a positive effect on slowing the growth, but im having difficulties finding the original studies online. If you know where to find the studies online could u please send me the links ? Thanks alot, Lucas

  43. hoboboxerjoe says:

    I CURED MY TESTICULAR CANCER AND SAVED MY LAST REMAINING TESTICAL USING CANNABIS OIL. I ltierally applied the oil to my testical, which had a hardened painful lump develoepd on it, just like the one that took my other testical. ANd I applied it to my testical every day for 8 weeks and it went away. To top it off, since I aplpied it orally, topically, and by smoking and vaporizing it, my lungs, and barrets esophegoues dissapered as well! sorry for spelling, in a rush.

  44. endthedisease says:

    You can actually help work towards a cure for cancer and many other diseases by watching the video on my channel. Your computer can actually be used as a scientific research tool.

  45. Moe1234ize says:

    Praise Jah for making herb

  46. MRGburninTREES says:


  47. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    “Cannabis involves in all those different things because it involves immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, skin, nervous system, endocrine system essentially everything. It works on the Endocannabinoid System which REGULATES everything in our body. Science shows Cannabinoids used in tissue culture & used in animal models kill Cancer cells: Breast, Prostate, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Bone, Lung, Brain & Thyroid. 500 articles, 99% says Cannabis is good for killing Cancer.”
    Dr. Melamede


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