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How lengthy does legal weed remain in your method ?

Posted on 13 September 2013 by admin

Query by Bobby: How extended does legal weed keep in your system ?
How extended does legal weed remain in your method I have a drug test on the 10th of June

Ideal answer:

Answer by America’s Bane
3-six weeks.

What do you feel? Answer beneath!

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2 Responses to “How lengthy does legal weed remain in your method ?”

  1. Quizzard says:

    ‘legal weed’? And what would that be?

  2. Jason says:

    Weed is Weed it vary’s how long it stays in your system depending on how often you smoked and other factors such as body size, metabolizm etc. They say the average is 30 days again it dpends on factors such as i have said. You can help rid your system faster by exercise and drinking lots and lots of water. Since it is june 10 for your test that gives you about 16-17 days. I would recomend eating healthy, working out, and running, as well as plenty of water. This is because weed or more correct to say THC sticks to your fat cells. To sum it up 17 days is plenty of time to detox but you have to take it seriously do as i have said and you will most likely be fine. Again the biggest factor is body size if your super skinny you could probably do nothing at it could be out. It’s up to you and how serious you are about getting it out of your system!!


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