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How do I get rid of the robust smell of herbs from a cupboard?

Posted on 25 September 2013 by admin

strongest legal herb
by SS&SS

Query by How do I get rid of the sturdy smell of herbs from a cupboard?
I moved into a new property and cupboard smells quite strongly of herbs it wont go away, any tips? They are legal herbs 🙂

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Answer by Elliott M
set two boxes of open baking soda in that will start off absorbing the odor within days

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One Response to “How do I get rid of the robust smell of herbs from a cupboard?”

  1. Sassy OLD Broad says:

    Gather an old spray bottle and mix one part white vinegar to 2 parts water. Spray down the cabinet and after drying then add the open boxes of baking soda. You can also wipe down the cabinets with the vinegar mix. It’s non-toxic, a great cleaner and is actually an anti-bacterial. It will take away that herbal smell and the “vinegar” smell will be gone in a day. You can use it to freshen linen and clothes, clean counter tops, sinks and refrigerators or even add the vinegar to your wash. Good Luck!


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