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How do i get free marijuana samples?

Posted on 14 February 2014 by admin

Query by Dovahbong: How do i get free of charge marijuana samples?
With no obtaining to acquire stuff 1st? : please answer

other names for weed… hemp, pot, cannabis, mary jane you get my flow

Ideal answer:

Answer by Mike
If you reside in a state that has health-related marijuana laws then you could get a health-related marijuana card and be capable to sample for totally free at dispensaries that offer Totally free Samples.. Also some dispensaries offer you totally free marijuana to their members and sick men and women that are not able to pay for their medicine.. Or you could grow your personal or help someone grow their own.. But this could be dangerous regardless of whether it’ is a legal develop or illegal grow.. Because it is worth a lot of funds folks will attempt to steal it and rob you.. Also the police never really adhere to the laws anymore, especially when it comes to drugs.. At times it is just to bust folks. But a lot of instances it’s for the income = amount = value = worth – – very same reason as the criminals. They don’t want to perform to earn income to get what they want – they would rather steal/rob – – even if they have to lie, cheat and harm other folks to get what they want… In no way, in no way, never Snitch.. Snitching is not only dishonest – it is not moral. . Snitches get killed all the time ! ! ! ! ! !……. Great Luck…. Good query….. Be nicely…. Be honest….. Be very good…..Be secure… Have fun…. Be Pleased ! ! ! ! ! . . … …. …. Live..Find out..Teach..Smile..Laugh..Enjoy

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