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How did marijuana get classified into schedule 1?

Posted on 14 January 2014 by admin

Question by Desmond: How did marijuana get classified into schedule 1?
How did marijuana get classified in schedule 1? Why not tobacco, and alcohol? What about other drugs that are similar to marijuana that are not in schedule; such as salvia divinorum, psilocybin. Also who are the “experts” to which they are reffereing that don’t see marijuana to having any medical benefits. What procedures what have to take place to get marijuana legalized.

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Answer by Joseph
The pharmaceutical companies lobbyist keep Washington away from funding Marijuana research. Its all about money. Marijuana helps with too many thing. If Aspirin was a plant, It would be illegal.

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5 Responses to “How did marijuana get classified into schedule 1?”

  1. Chewy Ivan 2 says:

    It was for political reasons mostly. The main influence came from timber barons who pushed for marijuana criminalization in order to eliminate hemp as a commercial competitor for their timber interests. There was also a strong push from Puritans, who wanted to ban anything they believed distracted people from the worship of God, and racists, who wanted an excuse to persecute the primary users of marijuana at the time, blacks and Mexican immigrants.

    I believe modern resistance to the legalization of marijuana comes from pharmaceutical companies. They probably fear legalized marijuana would hurt their sales of Zoloft, Prozac, and other prescription medications designed to help people cope with the stress of modern life.

  2. Joshua Daniel says:

    Chewy Ivan has the best answer

  3. Grant King says:

    Their are multiple right answers, the tember industry was one of them but what got the people behind it was the propaganda such as movies like reefer madness that told the people you might kill and rape your family if you smoke it.

  4. Josh Mercado says:

    Cause there stupid and never understand our needs!”!!!!

  5. Leofa says:…

    Follow the above link to a detailed history of marijuana prohibition in the USA.

    In addition please consider this;

    Each year in this country 430,000 people die from diseases caused by willful or passive exposure to tobacco products. 100,000 people die from diseases caused by intentional consumption of alcoholic drinks. Since the inception of federal marijuana prohibition in 1937 only one person has died from ingesting marijuana. He choked on it because he tried to eat it while he was being chased by the pigs.

    The enforcement of drug and firearm prohibition has allowed the government to turn this land into a pig powered police state.


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