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How can they legalize Herbal Incense but not Marijuana?

Posted on 04 September 2013 by admin

Query by K.Stokes: How can they legalize Herbal Incense but not Marijuana?
Im not trying to protest about the laws against weed im just asking yourself why would they legalize Herbal Incense when Marijuana is way significantly less harmful.

Greatest answer:

Answer by ioerr
They didn’t legalize it. It in no way existed until a even though back, so there was in no way a law against it. Things are legal by default. The cops cannot arrest you for breaking laws that never exist.

Considering that the stuff’s been invented, a variety of states have begun passing laws against it.

And since the new laws have been passed, apparently new chemical variations have been receiving synthesized particularly to get about the new laws.

I consider the whole affair is stupid. Marijuana ought to be legal in the 1st spot.

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2 Responses to “How can they legalize Herbal Incense but not Marijuana?”

  1. smile says:

    Something to be aware of is that its NOT legal to use it as a drug. It is ONLY legal to posses, buy, sell, and use in ways that do not include human or animal consumption.

    Read the label. It will say, every time, without fail… “not for human consumption”

    That puts it in the same realm as spray paint. Its absolutely legal for me to have, buy and sell spray paint. But its NOT legal for me to huff it. I think it becomes a misuse of product charge or something similar.

    You can still be charged with public intox, dui, get in trouble for having it at school or other specifically drug restricted areas.

    But yeah, the other person is right about why its legal. It just hasnt had a chance to be fully banned yet. Some states already have banned it though.

  2. cz says:

    the legalize stuff they can tax, and you could make your own pot without the taxes


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