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Hippie Herb Legal Marijuana review

Posted on 27 November 2013 by admin

make this stuff cheap just call 1- 917-243-2201 make incense with am-2201 hippie herb & mr nice guy.

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6 Responses to “Hippie Herb Legal Marijuana review”

  1. DSHunter88 says:

    Dont be fooled by promises of this product mimicking high grade marijuana,
    it doesnt even come close. As a former marijuana smoker and a current
    experienced user of marijuana alternatives or legal highs, i can honestly
    write this review. It does produce a slight hazy and relaxing feeling but
    the terrible taste almost makes it unbearable.

  2. Jay Hu says:

    this is shit~Worthless, expensive, feeling cheated

  3. HOAXStation says:

    Shit, already ordered some. Does it do anything?

  4. NapPpkkins147 says:

    would never smoke this shit. Get into the cannabis industry.

  5. Jay Hu says:

    waste my money ~ fuck u!

  6. cnbaker941 says:

    This is all fake, doesnt get you high at all.


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