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Higher Instances in Amsterdam — DNA Genetics

Posted on 18 January 2014 by admin

Higher Occasions senior cultivation editor Danny Danko drops by DNA Genetics’ shop in Amsterdam to go over breeding fantastic pot, winning Cannabis Cups, and the new l…
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12 Responses to “Higher Instances in Amsterdam — DNA Genetics”

  1. kiwidubz says:

    The OG Kush #18 my favorite strain

  2. mrhempoilsoldier says:

    fem is crapola those thatmake fem seeds are messing with mother nature and
    she is one non-forgiving bitch

  3. Jared Kritikson says:

    This channel sub and view bots

  4. Oh Relentless says:

    kush haze diesel and trainwreck

  5. skateNtrees says:

    dna airlines

  6. csanford0530 says:

    Good stuff

  7. ExTAzY101 says:

    How baked did they both were ?

  8. odd de says:


  9. Gbyrd420 says:


  10. dank1thevandal says:

    Dilated Peoples “Worst comes to worst”

  11. Ras Tafari says:

    Dilated peoples! Fuckin right man

  12. ianm apsu says:



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