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HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year

Posted on 03 November 2013 by admin

HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year

HIGH TIMES’ list of the best pot varieties of the past year featuring past and future Cannabis Cup winners and strains that stand up to stringent testing wit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Part 2; Now, for the first time the world’s ultimate ganja guide brings his expertise to this instructional DVD – …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year”

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    Man I’m looking for dat dank purple color.

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  9. Tom Holden says:

    Well, we can start by calling the plant Cannabis and not Marijuana which is a Mexican name! The US government does not want Cannabis legal, because they already make way too much money in the drug business I mean “war on drugs” They keep the fear going to keep prices high. Did you know that US Government owns the patent on Cannabis? Hmm wonder why? Probably so they can keep doing what they’re doing making huge profits,securing demand and eliminating any competition or commercial trade

  10. ColoradoCannasseur says:

    Ward 21 – Ganja Smoke

  11. Zach Finch says:

    Somebody please tell me what song this is… its been stuck in my head since i watched this damn video

  12. Blitz Rocko says:

    One of the best ever songs period ! ! ! ! And I’m supposed to be a redneck!?!? I think I might be Cherokee at heart.

  13. Blitz Rocko says:

    Best song ever written!!!

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  15. SwissVIP says:

    Before the vid I was like “I want the High Times Magazine”…
    Now I am like “The fuck did I just see?”…

    I even thought they’re a bit more serious ô.O’

  16. kapiocosi says:

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  18. stepheng1980 says:

    cacacacacacCANDY KUSH……ooh good times :)

  19. Blitz Rocko says:

    Snoop & Ziggy should do another version of this song!

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  21. TheMasterchief50 says:

    Sour diesel,
    super lemon haze,
    bubba kush, /of kush
    Kens grand daddy purp
    Serious seeds bubble gum
    Durban poison
    Blue dream
    that about sums up my most desired strains to capture have 3 of them already but those are best overall strains.

  22. fazer1ged says:

    Ur a retard one of the best weed blazin songs Eva

  23. pablo alvarez says:

    Hahaha get that pig out of here

  24. jblaze418 says:

    Lol cops are funny.. Go stop heroin and crack dealers.

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    Ha ha cop

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  28. Cole I says:

    no thanks officer

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    I’m guessing you live in amsterdam

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