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High TIMES’ How To: Shop Your Pot

Posted on 30 November 2013 by admin

Higher Occasions Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko explains the basics of marijuana storage. Comply with these suggestions and your pot will stay fresher longer.
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25 Responses to “High TIMES’ How To: Shop Your Pot”

  1. Devan Cage says:

    in a jar in the freezer is always good for me

  2. Supa Blank says:

    billy mays of weed is correct sir, no more thumbs?

  3. Tony. says:

    i keep my carry around weed in an empty (besides the weed) Altoids case, is
    that good?

  4. Drew Grow says:

    In a canning jar in the fridge. Or in a pipe your pick lol

  5. capitalist4life says:

    Research has shown that storing weed in freezing temps dramatically reduces
    the decomposition of THC. Good point about the trichomes though.

  6. Pretty Flacko says:

    Danny Danko is one of the coolest motherfuckers alive.

  7. Flowmaster925 says:

    of course out comes a big bag from behind the counter, what do all stoners
    have? some pot somewhere

  8. Dhujdic says:

    Im laughing so hard right now. What a bad keying job, it looks worse than
    if they just had a crapy set in the background.

  9. Tanner Lubbering says:

    not a cop for sure

  10. carloschias says:

    LOL why would they green-screen a kitchen?

  11. arkivx0 says:

    Damn, I wish it was legal here.

  12. LazyOtaku says:

    You’re right. There’s color obtrusion’s between the foreground and
    background which makes it looks like he’s standing in front of a green

  13. LazyOtaku says:

    1:40 as soon as I saw you pull that out, I started hating you Donny Darko!

  14. jamie bates says:

    i have a better way never store your pot smoke it

  15. jamie bates says:

    ya know man just get high

  16. chattahoochee11 says:

    is the background seriously fake LOL wtf

  17. chaz henley says:


  18. TankedDem says:

    He shouldve said “ur retarded”

  19. Near VII says:

    I concur, Green screen my man.

  20. Lou Olson says:

    try lighting with some side lights. The front light is just showing off all
    of the blue screen.

  21. infiniterhombus says:

    i store my pot in my lungs

  22. Sam Lings says:

    I know someone who stores it in the fridge in little sealed bags , does
    this potentially dampen the weed, or is it ok?

  23. SpecLime says:

    im looking for a way to keep it all in the same place like after i just
    grinded it i want to know the best way to prevent from losing any. i use a
    glass table currently and a card to scrape it.

  24. duim123321 says:

    that kitchen background XD

  25. Warty Peniz says:

    green screen ?


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