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High Instances Tv — Homemade Bongs

Posted on 02 November 2013 by admin

HIGH TIMES TV -- Homemade Bongs

Did you know that you can make a bong out of just about anything? It is correct! Verify out this informational video for ideas on how you can make a smoking instru…

Check out all the entries from the 2013 High Occasions LA Medical Cannabis Cup.
Video Rating: four / five

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28 Responses to “High Instances Tv — Homemade Bongs”

  1. DONTBEA D'OUCHE says:

    Don’t make a bong!
    Buy a nice one you cheapasses!
    Get ’em @

  2. freedomfighterguy3 says:

    Holy shit it’s one of the guys from Smosh.

  3. cleo keem says:

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  4. antione775 says:

    DAS BOOT!!

  5. Stoned .LoL says:

    really cool intro !!

  6. FADEDxSHIFTs says:

    a bong on the wall would be awesome, just have a bunch around the house and you can toke just about anywhere!

  7. La Belle Arc En Ciel says:

    the kitty:)

  8. UnamusedTomcat says:

    Thats some thick glass, even if he did drop it the downstem would probably be the only piece that breaks.

  9. MrRepTheBayArea says:

    Ha ha aha ahbahaahaha

  10. hogue2016 says:


  11. Paul Ronquillo says:

    Mine fell apart too when I tried to make a bong out of it. Also when I tried making one out of my cat they scratched my eyes out. Not good times.

  12. Chef Vortivask says:

    1:35 wut?

  13. CoT says:

    at 6:51 my dick got hard

  14. Blake Curtis says:

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  19. Vipclones dtla says:

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  20. Vipclones dtla says:

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  21. Muma Eric says:

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  22. John Cocktoastin says:

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  25. cheeba64 says:

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  26. Christine Lopez says:

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