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High Blood Stress Support!?

Posted on 01 March 2014 by admin

Query by John: Higher Blood Stress Aid!?
Hi, I am underaged, I am 15. I smoke marijuana. I have a physicians appointment tomorrow for my higher blood stress, I have currently had blood taken and nothing at all came up, but if my blood pressure is still regarded as “high” they will do a urine test and a MRI. I wanted to know, I smoked 4 days ago will this show up? And also would it show up if I smoked the day of? (Disclaimer: This urine test will be checking to find out why I have high blood pressure)

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Answer by San
It just may lead the Dr’s to appear into that further. Your screwed.

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One Response to “High Blood Stress Support!?”

  1. dude I says:

    THC will stay in your system for 30 days, you may have a problem as THC can elevate your blood pressure. Why would you have an MRI for blood pressure and what area would the MRI be completed on? This is confusing to me as I have never heard of an MRI for slightly elevated blood pressure readings.


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