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Herbal vaporizing with Tim at Jacob Hooi and the Volcano Vaporizer

Posted on 15 September 2013 by admin Watch as Tim shows you what other herbs you can use with a volcano vaporizer. I know this mu…
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24 Responses to “Herbal vaporizing with Tim at Jacob Hooi and the Volcano Vaporizer”

  1. Donald Boyd says:

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  2. tart green says:

    Herb is pronounced “urb” in English.
    Love your videos!

  3. vaporizerblogger says:

    ha ha .. lol. That is a good one. Maybe we should recommend lavender.

  4. andreschou says:

    lol i kinda got stoned with lavender

  5. Cian McClure says:

    He’s not smokeing it… he’s vapeing it.

  6. seanguadie says:

    Does rosemary produce physical or mental effects?  Or is it just pleasurable to breath in and clear you out?
    Also, is there an accurate list of the different effects of different herbs, and maybe ideal vaporization temps…?

  7. seanguadie says:

    Awesome video, we really enjoyed watching. The location you filmed was really cool, wish I could go there and try them all out, ha ha. I vaped rosemary and found it minty when breathing in, or like a menthol feeling. It has an effect of the body and mind too, is that right? Or maybe it was just residue from the cannabis that vaped in thew past, lol.

  8. labobo says:

    Please provide me with the research about this, “good for the lungs”, it sounds like bullshit

    But i do wonder what it will do with the pot, will it have the desired effect ?

  9. Petko Yordanov says:

    Tim, could you please tell me what temperature you used to vaporize the Dutch Spirit herb mix in the Extreme Q. Thanks in advance!

  10. Petko Yordanov says:

    Awesome work, man. I have a cyst in the sinus and a worsening asthma and I am thankful for the video. I reaaaaally love watching people vape or smoke herbs! Thanks, man, keep up the great work! Also – the background and the place you vaped in was very cool and woody, I like that atmosphere.

  11. Cian McClure says:

    do more of these videos. i love em!

  12. vaporizerblogger says:

    Yeah. They are great.. You should check out the 2nd article on the homepage of VaporizerBlog “Dutch Spirit and the Art of Vaporization”.. or click the link I added above:)

  13. Ned Shneebly says:

    Oh ok I thought maybe they were strains I had never heard of or something. What are the effects of vaping lavender and mint? Is it good for your health?

  14. vaporizerblogger says:

    Both.. Tim even uses mint.. Cool huh?

  15. Ned Shneebly says:

    @vaporizerblogger I’m a little confused. Is that cannabis you are vaping? Or like actually lavender?

  16. vaporizerblogger says:

    We just did;)

  17. vaporizerblogger says:

    Thanks for the compliment. Means a lot to us that we could help you out.

  18. illinibballin7 says:

    Who the fuck smokes lavender

  19. ChillWolf831 says:

    Great video guys. Came here from reddit, I’ve been looking at getting a vaporizer for a while and your videos have really helped, thanks!

  20. Runny1337 says:

    Oh yeah, It’s all about the herb. Any form of video related to that is welcome 🙂

  21. vaporizerblogger says:

    Thanks Runny. We appreciate it a lot. Your support and kind words are already enough for us. In due time we’ll introduce ourselves at r/trees for sure. Do you think videos about other then vaping weed would be interesting for the community?

  22. Runny1337 says:

    I gave it a shot by posting it to a subreddit within reddit called r/trees, but it never got any traction it seems (they strive on votes) But you guys are always welcome to come over and introduce yourselves.

  23. vaporizerblogger says:

    Wow, this is stuff we love to hear!. Thank you very much; spread the word!.

  24. vaporizerblogger says:

    Thanks, we really appreciate your kind words.


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