USDA Releases Official Workplace Policy on Marijuana, Highlights State and Federal Law Conflict

In a memo obtained by NORML, released in late May, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) clarified their drug policy in light of the growing number of states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use. In response to inquiries regarding the department’s policy for employees in states that approved recreational or medical use of […] [...more]

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New York State Legislature and Governor Come to Agreement on Medical Marijuana

New York State lawmakers announced today that they have come to agreement to approve a limited pilot program for medical marijuana in the Empire State. An agreement was reached to amend the bill to include provisions demanded by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, including provisions that prohibit the smoking of marijuana. Instead, the amended measure is […] [...more]

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Medical Marijuana Users in San Jose Get Free Pot in Exchange for "I Voted

Medical Marijuana Users in San Jose Get Free Pot in Exchange for "I Voted … San Jose voters who brought their “I Voted” sticker – along with their medical marijuana ID card — to about a dozen participating dispensaries received free or discounted weed on Tuesday, primary Election Day. Amsterdam's Garden, a San Jose medicinal … […] [...more]

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Medical Marijuana- California?

Question by James G Gandolfini: Medical Marijuana- California? I am disabled from chronic back pain and insomnia, I live in Washington, DC right now and there is no medical marijuana program around here I am moving to california within the month and i’m intrested in knowing what are the specific rules about growing and possessing, […] [...more]

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US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp Programs

After a long debate that had the US House of Representatives in session until after midnight, the lower chamber of Congress cast a historic 219 to 189 vote to restrict the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from using taxpayer funds to interfere in state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs in the 20+ states that […] [...more]

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