Can marijuana cause overall health troubles?

Question by Melissa S: Can marijuana cause well being troubles? What types of health difficulties can breathing the smoke trigger? Greatest answer: Answer by ExpatIt kills brain cells and inhibits short term memory. It also can lead to emphysema. Add your personal answer in the comments! [...more]

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Rant On Marijauna

Im testing my Skype cam just for the future and we talk about marijuana. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Marijuana has real health benefits, and can also cause a few problems. Wouldn’t it be good to have an objective opinion on the subject? Today I’m firm and bi… Video Rating: 4 / 5 [...more]

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What are the health effects of smoking k2/spice?

by Global Reactions Question by Zach H: What are the health effects of smoking k2/spice? K2, spice, pixie dust…It’s all the same. So what are the health effects? Have any studies been conducted? Symptoms I have noticed are: a very bad cough, phlegm, and what seems to be heartburn… Best answer: Answer by HannahNothing worse […] [...more]

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California’s New Health-related Marijuana Ordinances

Final week, the Los Angeles City Council voted on alterations in controls on health-related marijuana dispensaries. Kevin Pereira talks to Steve DeAngelo, the Executive … Video Rating: four / 5 [...more]

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Why are cigarettes legal if they trigger overall health problems? Marijuana is illegal, but it causes less wellness issues?

Query by fueledbygabriela: Why are cigarettes legal if they lead to well being issues? Marijuana is illegal, but it causes much less overall health difficulties? Cigarettes causes way far more wellness difficulties that Marijuana does. So then, why is it legal as an alternative of Marijuana? Medical doctors are prescribing Marijuana for kids with ADD. […] [...more]

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