Is Cannabis illegal in California?

Question by ★Tenderlicious★: Is Cannabis illegal in California? I’m in Australia by the way. Some brief detail would also be appreciated, like when it became legal or when it was made illegal. Best answer: Answer by ?Cannabis is still illegal in California. The only US States that have legalized its recreational use would be Colorado […] [...more]

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Medical Marijuana- California?

Question by James G Gandolfini: Medical Marijuana- California? I am disabled from chronic back pain and insomnia, I live in Washington, DC right now and there is no medical marijuana program around here I am moving to california within the month and i’m intrested in knowing what are the specific rules about growing and possessing, […] [...more]

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where can i buy legal weed near perris california?

Question by Gabriel G: where can i buy legal weed near perris california? so i saw on a news paper that there is legal herbs that look exactly like weed and has the same affect but stronger they said dat u can buy it at a local gas station but i just dnt kno if […] [...more]

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Dispensary Tour – California Patients Association (CPA)

Checking out California Patients Association (CPA) in Santa Ana, CA. This shop specializes in high end flowers and concentrates, and also has a nice edible s… Video Rating: 4 / 5 [...more]

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A Weed

Check out these weed store in california images: A Weed Image by Boogies with Fish Well, here I am in cold, rainy Indiana. I hardly know what to say, but I’m sure that feeling will pass as my fingers warm from the exertion of typing. It’s taking me much longer than usual to get […] [...more]

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