five things you want to know about synthetic marijuana

five things you need to have to know about synthetic marijuana Many users of synthetic marijuana also began using the drug since it did not show up on common drug screenings, said Dan Browning, programming director for the Faith Mission in Elkhart. Faith Mission started buying special drug tests to detect&nbsp… Study far more on […] [...more]

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Why Legal Marijuana Supporters Ought to Be concerned About A Chris Christie Presidency

Why Legal Marijuana Supporters Should Worry About A Chris Christie Presidency &quotEither Chris Christie really doesn&#39t have any future political ambitions or he hasn&#39t gotten the memo that poll following poll shows that a supermajority of American voters wants the federal government to butt out of state marijuana laws,&quot Marijuana … Read much more on […] [...more]

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Question about spice (“synthetic pot”) ?

by the justified sinner Query by BrittBratt: Query about spice (“synthetic pot”) ? So I am not a fan of the stuff and my brother attempted telling me that I am going to lose my job when they drug test me due to the fact I was in the room when it was getting smoked […] [...more]

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Interesting Cigarette Facts | Amazing Facts about Smoking you Didn’t Know

Bet you didn’t know, Cigarette edition! Learn the 10 most unknown, interesting, cool, and all together radical facts about Cigarettes and smoking cigarettes…. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Everything you need to know about Cigarette Smoking. Video Rating: 4 / 5 [...more]

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Latest The Real Facts About Marijuana News

Economists Slam the War on Drugs In their chapter, the two stress the importance of allowing both Colorado and Washington the freedom to pursue their marijuana initiatives with “regulatory experimentation” to—put simply—figure out what works and what doesn't. ….. A Slave, a film … Read more on Daily Beast The true face of drug abuse […] [...more]

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