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Herbal Incense Critique: Mr Nice Guy Stuk!

Posted on 11 August 2011 by admin

Mr. Nice Guy Stuk is 50-state legal incense blend. This stuff is produced by the exact same firm that created the authentic MNG, as well as Panic and Relapse. The herbs in this blend are soft and effectively chosen, minimal sticks and stems. Delectable marshmallow leaf, hints of citrus are noticeable. This blend burns extremely nicely, producing smoke that is hella smooth, all round a very clean burn (who ever made this, kept it constant when adding the synthetics, some blends are not like this they will have “hot spots” in it, which is caused by inconsistent mixing.) I’d rate this 8.five/ten which the effect lasting close to 1 hr.

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14 Responses to “Herbal Incense Critique: Mr Nice Guy Stuk!”

  1. Gondalee69 says:

    always aousome reviews..great work bro..cant wait

  2. robertswinderman says:

    @nemeristheshiz not reviewing acetone boi yes its used as a solvent to blend the rc’s with the herb base, but then again its not for human consumption hasn’t been widely tested, check out sweet lucy or something if you want shit made with grain alcohol instead

  3. nemeristheshiz says:

    acetone is a fuel additive and is in f****** nail polish remover. This shit can kill you and it is a f********* disgrace that they can sell this shit to kids but weed is illegal

  4. nemeristheshiz says:

    i smoked this today and it ruined my f****** day it is nothing like the high weed gives you. It made me freak out i could barely walk and it lasted like 12 hours from 1 hit. this shit is garbage and i will never f*** with again. DONT DO IT unless you want the Biggest downer of a day. i would rather have a bad trip on booms then smoke this again

  5. robertswinderman says:

    @ortega9998 Yeah Wicked X is pretty good shit…I like the container they use…reusable…Lately I have seen a bunch of Wicked X and Happy Hour on Ebay, like wholesale kits and bulk lots, worth checking out.

  6. ortega9998 says:

    Mr. Nice Guy blends are good, but my favorite is Wicked X. This shit will put you in the matrix, it’s one of those highs were your like woah were the fuck did reality go. Its something like $20 for 1.5g, $35 for 3g, $50 for 4.5g. Im getting the 4.5g for 50 this week!

  7. TheThecreeper23 says:

    dude badass i want some

  8. ChilloutSessionZ says:

    by way ingredients are acetone and fluoride and one of those A 011 compounds like jwh…..nothing put pure shit….I loved this stuff until it really messed up my life these past 2 weeks.

  9. ChilloutSessionZ says:

    @robertswinderman I started smoking this stuff out carefully knowing the potency, got a tolerance for it and started smoking it like you said like marijuana….thats when I noticed the freaking out on my part and helplessness….I am 32 and this stuff has ruined my life, made me kirk out on my parents while I going thru effects of the stuff….

  10. wtfruo2 says:

    I used to smoke stuk on and off when i couldnt get bud and this shit has fucked me up today i smoked a bowl from my bong and ive been ripped for hours now and am scared to death rofl someone plz help me

  11. ballinmoney69 says:

    If everyone in america smoked a bag of this shit to themselves everyone it America would b dead. This is a panic attack in a bag. And now that I’ve smoked this I can see now more than ever marijuana needs to b legalized. I warn u never ever try this shit cuz it might b the last day u live… That’s Wat it felt like for me

  12. ChilloutSessionZ says:

    @robertswinderman Bro i went the last 8 weeks smoking this certain bag……the last 3 days i noticed anxiety and restlessness….panic attacks anxiety like a mother fucker the kind wehre your about to kill yourself, bro i thought this stuff was legit….its nothing but the devils playground…..that shit will get you acetone poisoing…took them 3 hours to detox me and give me ativan to calm my shit….i am never ever ever going to get another bag of mr nice guy.

  13. campo1961ted says:

    @strawberrycoffing I like MNG’s packaging too, always catch your attention. Relaxinol was better than stuk imo MNG’s best. and the new trance herbals blends do hit hard and fast like you said, far better than JCW imo in all aspects

  14. strawberrycoffing says:

    Stuk is good but doesn’t last like Johnny Clearwater or Blue Electric. Personally I think trance herbals new blends like third eye both hit hard and last. Not many blends do both successfully. I love MNG’s packaging, I’d buy their blends for that alone lol


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