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Herbal Incense Blend & Legal Herb At Code Black Incense

Posted on 12 April 2013 by admin

For Special Provides, visit our web site: Code Black Incense delivers the finest herbal incense and legal herb blends. We believed …
Video Rating: four / 5

A rapid assessment of 10 herbal incense brands and short summery of my encounter with them. In this evaluation we go more than: Bombay blue incense Original Chronic Herb…
Video Rating: 4 / five

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33 Responses to “Herbal Incense Blend & Legal Herb At Code Black Incense”

  1. TheDemoco says:

    Check out Voodoo Incense, bought from them never been happier FREE SHIPPING, TOP QUALITY Herbal Incense, Affordable price. 1 G – $10, 3.5 G – $25, 7 G – $45 or you can get Wholesale and buy bulk. My order was shipped to me in less than 3 days from when it was placed and no matter what all orders are shipped out within 24 hours of the Payment. Great Customer Service and always updates with new Herbal Incense and flavors as well. Worth ever $ (A++) Company.

  2. RON MORRISON says:

    Very nice video with sound


  3. PresidentKony says:

    RIP Code Black <3 you will be missed

  4. nessa6565 says:

    Go easy with blue label. You will develop a tolerance & then it’ll hit you way too hard and you will instantly black out & go into convulsions. Trust me. avoid using all these synthetic drugs. You may not think they’re bad now but eventually you’ll get burnt.

  5. SParKLES5810 says:

    Berry is tha best!!!

  6. SParKLES5810 says:

    Ordered sum! It was great! Ordering more! LOL!!!

  7. bubu201bayone says:

    wonder if i order it would they post office lock me up

  8. Dick Blank says:

    All good things must come to an end thanks to asshole federal government. Everything that brings people joy, relaxation, and peace of mind must be made illegal.

  9. eddie rojo says:


  10. 128gggwtf says:

    i love this shit with a passion

  11. jjayeah says:

    So PRO! Great job with coming up with the idea.

  12. maxiepompey says:

    I agree! The flavors makes it so interesting!

  13. letmegohometoyou says:

    Herbal Incense Blend, this is really genius stuff!

  14. arthuralone says:

    The best relaxing product there is. It soothes my body and mind.

  15. mannytampil says:

    The flavors are off the top! Great product!

  16. peterjunelaser says:

    CODE BLACK is for real!

  17. lukerayman says:

    the best in the market!!

  18. tmarkangel says:

    I can’t get enough of this

  19. daduymamuy says:

    I think you can place an order on their website

  20. junegonrocks says:

    a product that you would like to buy over and over again

  21. ryanlozadashow says:

    CODE BLACK ROCKS!! This is a sure product that would not leave you hanging.

  22. MrPaultucson says:

    sweet deal! you get to enjoy these products legally

  23. restinemiller says:

    can someone get me these stuffs for free pretty pleaseee

  24. justinmerry10 says:

    the flavors are great!!

  25. marijuanacone puller says:

    yeah true aye but its such a wicked trip

  26. Spredzable says:

    It will fuck your lungs up BIG time tho mate. Its not for human consumption. they put methadone in that shit.

  27. marijuanacone puller says:

    nah i love bombay smoke that over bud any day crazy hallucinations

  28. Spredzable says:

    yeah makes me feel so fucked up now just stick to bud

  29. marijuanacone puller says:

    its fucking dopee aye

  30. maxmattt says:

    I’ll be trying the legal stuff for the first time hopefully this weekend (if it’s delivered in time) I’ve bought some Bombay Blue and some Salvia Extract X10.

  31. Spredzable says:

    Bombay blue puts you on your hole. my first time i had a huge cone and i thought i was fucking dead. it was so fucked up i was stuck in a trance. my mate got up to go to the toilet and i followed him and started kicking in the door n shit haha

  32. AechEye says:

    Just bought herbal haze coz annhialation was out, hope it’s good!

  33. 69elano727 says:

    annihilation blew my f*cking socks off, can’t wait to try blue moonshine…


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