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healthIER alternative to smoking?

Posted on 22 April 2014 by admin

Question by Ellenor: healthIER alternative to smoking?
So I’ve been thinking about smoking cigarettes as a social habit…a lot of people i hang out with smoke, and I smoke once in a while cause it’s sort of a social activity. I’m really looking for a smokable alternative… like herbal cigarettes…that are not as terribly bad for me as regular smokes. Only problem is, herbal cigs are also incredibly bad for you. I’ve heard that pot isn’t as bad, but i’m not sure I want to get into anything too illegal.
any help? I would love something that’s homemade and can be rolled or something that could be bought.

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Answer by Janet S
Oh, boy, are you going to get a lot of flack for suggesting you want to smoke. If you think herbal cigarettes are bad for you, well then you know that inhaling smoke of anything is not good. Actually I have no problem with the occasional “social” smoking of herbal cigarettes. But if you want to roll your own, try Mullein leaves. Native Americans used them for years to clear the lungs, so you can’t get any safer than that. Mullein is available cut and sifted in herb shops, for making tea – really good for coughs. Or Mullein grows in summer all over the country, especially in open, sunny pastures. Pick the leaves and dry them yourself.

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4 Responses to “healthIER alternative to smoking?”

  1. aspirit says:

    Sorry but I can’t recommend any alternative to filling your lungs with smoke. Smoking anything is not a good idea. Find friends who value their health. I stopped smoking years ago and I’m glad I did. Smoking decreases the ability to breath. There isn’t anything more important than that to good health.

  2. Jason Homan says:

    Hi Ellenor, you are at risk of getting is lung cancer (isn’t that bad enough?). Did you know that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease? Then add the hardening of the arteries and other harmful effects of cigarette smoking. Your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones (if you smoke around them, i.e. second hand smoke), is at risk.

    Every pound you gain, every time you smoke cigarettes (either directly or indirectly), puts you at greater risk for disease. The more you put off smoking cessation, the more at risk you put yourself. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health. Some things about yourself you cannot change, such as your eye color, height, etc. Some things you do have control over: getting help to stop smoking is just one of these. Stop wasting time and stop smoking.
    Jason Homan

  3. articleresearcher says:

    Best advice is to skip all cigarettes. If you intend to quit because you know about the dangers of being exposed to the smoke, then do so without going for an alternative that does not solve your problem.

  4. drjames says:

    Listen, i am someone who can feel your pain. People who have never smoked or used tobacco can easily tell you how stupid you are and to just quit. But we know it is not that easy. Especially after so many failed attempts at quitting.
    1) the decision has to be made by you. for you. (quitting for family members/ loved ones will not work)
    2) Get help. Check into acupuncture, there is a tech. called auriculotherapy which has been proven to decrease the urge to smoke. Also look into hypnotism, again many have been able to quit using this method.
    best of luck to you and God bless.


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