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Have You Noticed Any Unfavorable Effects On Life From Chronic Weed Smoking

Posted on 07 September 2013 by admin

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23 Responses to “Have You Noticed Any Unfavorable Effects On Life From Chronic Weed Smoking”

  1. DancingGophers says:

    what was that thing u blew into and what does it do

  2. skye ess says:

    nice hit man haha

  3. mikeyson7 says:

    i agree i thinks it more the butane than the smoke. i myself try to u se a lighter as little as possible( hemp wick or hot hit) and have noticed ahuge difference

  4. Gabe Cabreraa says:

    what does it do

  5. artakisthebest says:

    Yo chubbs, what the fuck did you blow your smoke into? Also if you were to quit for like 2 months and then hit a bowl, would it hit you like it would hit a first timer? What’s the longest you’ve gone without weed for? Also, I go to university, so when I smoke, I tend to study aswell, I enjoy it that way, and its productive 😀

  6. artakisthebest says:

    just light as far away as possible from the bowl.

  7. artakisthebest says:

    haha if he was hitting 40-50 bowls a day, I’d say he would have to smoke 5 grams before anything happenedd

  8. Joseph Kemp says:

    It might not be entirely the weed smoke but the butane from the lighters. that shit cant be good for the lungs.

  9. AndresDX1 says:

    this guy’s the scarface of weed haha

  10. gatjr1313 says:

    that blue thing is called a Smoke Buddy and you can find them at CPA or any smoke shop in your area its worth it and its only 20 bucks its a good investment i have one and it works like a champ

  11. gatjr1313 says:

    yo try milk that shit coats your irritated throat and helps sooths the dryness

  12. 420League says:

    Chubbs is cool, I got a real small collection compared to him!

  13. 420League says:

    I got a question, when I smoke 2 damn much, My throat starts to hurt, anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Jay Brown says:

    20 – 50 hits a day. Holy mother fuck. I started to think i was smoking a lot when i smoke 2 bowls a night.

  15. tommmmmer says:

    blue thing is a smoke buddy.

  16. TheWetFeathers says:

    Blue thing?

  17. NickyCigs87 says:

    take a bigger hit you fucking pussy, chubbs takes baby bong rips

  18. hearv888 says:

    how do you know how he reacts to it?

  19. Commenterist says:

    what was that blue tube thing that he blew into at the end and where can i get one??

  20. metalmikejones says:

    ya dont smoke weed moron. 

  21. ceasormayhem101 says:

    Hahaha I didn’t notice that big bag’a’weed til I picked it up damn, it camouflaged in ur outfit

  22. jbooy671 says:

    damn give me some of that kush

  23. BUSTyoGATS says:

    i would easily kill chubbs. hes awesome but i wouldnt think twice


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