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Gorilla Dro Incense Review – 3g – Jay Muise – Legal HIGH Guy

Posted on 12 March 2014 by admin

PRE-ORDER T-SHIRTS: ******************************************************************** Sorry Everyone, I’m Back! Jay Muise aka Th…
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24 Responses to “Gorilla Dro Incense Review – 3g – Jay Muise – Legal HIGH Guy”

  1. midas touch says:

    this shit gave me a seizure for real

  2. FvzyTheatre says:

    A review every week? Whats happened man!

  3. Will Nicodemus says:

    U a cool ass dude bro. Sorry for the loss. Shit hits hard. Life is crazy.
    Keep up with the vids tho g. I love em!

  4. Shane Graybeal says:

    One review a week or better “” common man:/ I see the other one it says he
    has an addiction story on his website but it won’t let anyone watch it

  5. camo sony says:

    have you every tryed anunymous let me know 

  6. Robert Perez says:

    yo jay whats the best kinda legal youve tried??

  7. napam5 says:

    Can u do a reviw of Spb-006 

  8. Shane Graybeal says:

    We are worried Jay!

  9. Shane Graybeal says:

    We’re worried

  10. Floyd Allen says:

    Midas..quit being a bitch son.. Your the reason why they keep trying to ban
    this shit.

  11. itwasentme17 says:

    LOLOLOL… Take it away from the candy bars and cigarettes? Those are
    fucking dangerous too. Shit head control freak mother fuckers.

  12. MADE-BY-DICE DE says:

    OMG are you stupid the stuff has already over 10,000 people brought the

  13. Joseph Ramirez says:

    I get anonymous 3 gs for 25

  14. StonerFrankNicoNate says:

    it’s been two weeks. You’re slippin jay.

  15. Raymond Woods says:

    Hey Jay u gotta try bang bang gots 4 skeletons on it drank

  16. jessdragonify says:

    twinkle goes on you tooth

  17. Kyle P says:

    I live in phoenix an i can get dank spice all day

  18. alan scott says:

    god bless brotha!

  19. ross boss says:

    man honestly i think the original green hatter was stronger than the red

  20. phatazznovelty421 says:

    phatazznovelty com Is where you can find spice check us out…

  21. Nate Less ☼ says:

    yup. i live in indiana. the best headshop in town got slapped with a huge
    fine for selling “a look-a-like substance” even though it was perfectly
    100% legal it just looked like it wasnt.

  22. bill jones says:

    dude, you seem like a smart kid – ditch the wigger crap and all this stuff
    – YouTube aint a money maker…

  23. phatazznovelty421 says:

    check us out all herbal incense/potpourri fans @ and phatazznovelty . com

  24. ThR45hErWOLF says:

    Yeah man! I’ve done that shit, take it your British? I had one drag of an
    exodus blunt and I was well fucked man, nearly whiteyed


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