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GNC’s complete body cleansing program help detox marijuana?

Posted on 27 April 2012 by admin

Query by clearkill46: GNC’s total body cleansing plan support detox marijuana?
I just bought GNC’s seven day cleansing system and was curious if it will speed up marijuana detoxification. I was caught smoking and my parents took my license right up until i test clean but that will almost certainly be a couple of weeks and i don’t want to wait that long. If this will not do anything at all to support, what can i do other than drink water and workout to speed up the detoxification? Any advice appreciated!

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Solution by teddybear
theres a liquid named “urine luck “that may b more quickly

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4 Responses to “GNC’s complete body cleansing program help detox marijuana?”

  1. Gary Y says:

    There is nothing you can take to speed up your body’s natural metabolism of THC.

    And body cleansing is a scam BTW:

    EDIT: @natasha, your attack on wikipedia as a whole means nothing about the article I posted. What is wrong with the particular article I posted and why?

    In any case, here are some more links to support my answer:

    EDIT: @natasha, with wikipedia you need to check the citations, or original sources at the bottom of the article. You should do this with all information provided on the web. Wikipedia is not perfect, but articles do get corrected and updated very frequently; wikipedia is always a good place to start any research. But individual articles must be judged on their own merits – you can’t dismiss them all in one fell swoop.

    And I’m not American.

    EDIT: @avicenna and natasha; whats with the personal attacks? Is it because I’m disagreeing with your world view, and you can’t show that I’m wrong?

    Detox has no meaning outside of the clinical treatment of drug addiction or poisoning. If I’m wrong, I await your robust, peer-reviewed, scientific data showing otherwise.

    EDIT: @natasha, why did you delete your personal attacks on me?

  2. Natasha says:

    Apple cider vinegar


    Cayenne pepper or any strong spices.


    Water, water, water and possibly put lemon and and cayenne pepper and vinegar with it.

    I thought that Body Cleansing was a scam too till I read in a medicine journal that sometimes the colon DOES retain very old fecal matter which can intoxicate the body and turn to cancer. I forgot where though but there was a picture of a very old, sorry to be graphic, ” 30 year old , calcified fecal matter which length approached 7 feet !”. Patient died of colon cancer.

    OK..I do not do drugs so I would not know…but maybe above will help ?

    PS: Wikipedia has been attacked on numerous occasions for not being truthful so although I rely on it……I am always a bit suspicious that facts can be wrong too also as well as biased.

    @ above : it is a well known fact than many articles in Wikipedia had to be removed/changed.

    Frankly it is boring to fight with someone else..I believe in researching ALL the facts for oneself..since so many contradict each other.

    I wish I could remember the site I mentioned…too lazy to look for it and too late at night here……..but I will if pushed.

  3. Guy says:

    The best way to detox from marijuana is water and running. THC is stored in fat cells. With enough sweating and water drinking it’ll take about 2 weeks to get clean.

  4. Avicenna says:

    Sorry clearkill46! Nothing we know of yet can speed up the clean up of your body from drug abuse.
    No Natasha, he isn’t American.

    He is the descendant of the first fleet, which, like
    his forefathers who came to this land in shackles, thinks he knows it all and has to be the prime.
    Only with the help of Nature (provided by the complementary health and wellness industry), in forms of overdose on certain missing vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and hormones can start the healing process of the sick and needy.

    Most of anything else – including the mighty and modern Western medicine – is just prolonging the pain and suffering.

    Thanks to the bad management, corruption and greedy Medical establishments in some countries, it’s leaving the ‘Nos Populus’ in never ending financial struggle and debts.

    Professor Siegfried Erwin von Kaunitz, MD, PhD


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