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getting cannabis seeds on the internet?

Posted on 18 April 2014 by admin

Question by craig: buying cannabis seeds online?
i tink it would be intriguing and thrilling to begin increasing my personal weed and was just questioning if the cannabis seeds u can get on the web are the real deal and is it protected to order them on-line tnx

Ideal answer:

Answer by Rita N
NO! locate yet another hobby alternatively of filling your lung with cancer causeing smoke. Attempt a walk.

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2 Responses to “getting cannabis seeds on the internet?”

  1. ILuvmyhubby says:

    Growing pot is illegal but since you asked there’s a magazine called high times don’t know if they have a website (I don’t smoke pot) but you could check and see.

  2. scubaandy says:

    i take it you don’t live in the uk as it’s illegal to grow cannabis here.
    A piece of advice if you’re interested, my son smoked cannabis and as a result became overly paranoid, aggressive and violent. He subsequently turned to crime and is now in prison. It really does affect your brain, and long term too – even after you’ve stopped using – so I’d say it’s not worth it.

    I don’t appreciate being called a fool coffeedog. I speak from very bitter experience. Cannabis may very well be used in cooking etc very harmlessly and the askers question is not clear regarding his intention. However, cannabis is a product that does lead to long term mental health issues. Given you’re response I presume you are pro and have probably used/do use the stuff – QED.


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