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Fake Weed Side Effects! Must see! Kid Goes Crazy! LMAO!!

Posted on 02 November 2013 by admin

Fake Weed Side Effects! Must see! Kid Goes Crazy! LMAO!!

this is what fake weed does to you! dumb kid wanted to smoke it so bad but once he did it! he wanted to get un-high aka sober! lol.

Here’s the story of what happened that fateful night.
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35 Responses to “Fake Weed Side Effects! Must see! Kid Goes Crazy! LMAO!!”

  1. Mike Miller says:

    Bruuh this lil kid had me rollin! Then his bro gone scare him by sayin hes gonna be like that forever ahahaha!!!

  2. OhhRegime says:

    i agree, you dont fuck with people tripping, wait till your in a bad trip and you get fucked with then want to blow your brains out. eat ah dick, fakkkeee ass friends

  3. romeodelta1178 says:

    oh ok I can dig that

  4. Alex Davis says:

    WHy you gotta mes with the kid hes trippin.

  5. Janis Lewis says:

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  6. iduckfetish says:

    He is talking about how someone would let a person they care about smoke spice and then video tape them! That’s truly pitiful

  7. stephen mosley says:

    you know what salvia does right?

  8. stephen mosley says:

    hahahahahahaha straight up dog rape hahahahahahah

  9. Andrew Floyd says:

    Salvia*…not “fake weed.”

  10. Jody Mathis says:

    thanks man.

  11. Antonio Fab says:

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  12. youli knowi says:


  13. AbigorRealm69 says:

    cool story bro

  14. AbigorRealm69 says:

    the brand most people smoke is called “Kush” its says on the bag itself

  15. booAHHHH says:

    sounds like bad side effects accompanied with a panic attack

  16. Nalan Aeon says:

    Useful clip. Thanks.

  17. CodysFavorites says:

    idk man

  18. GLORY3456 says:

    Blue King Kong

  19. ChadCannabis says:

    dude i felt the same way. i took like 7 hits and hit it like it was weed. worst day of my life dude

  20. marc says:

    describes the affects perfect dude!!!!!!!!!

  21. DiegosMedia says:

    well shit, if you’re not suppose to smoke it like weed i think iv’e been doing it wrong all this time LOL.

  22. brandon82823 says:

    it only last ike 30 mins for me maybe a hr

  23. brandon82823 says:

    hahaha xD spice is nothin haha xD i hit that shit like its weed. but ive never spend money on it cuz its stupid XD its some weak shit XD bud is way bttr and wax <3

  24. Jay Man says:

    I almost had a panic attack on it once. I was about 60 seconds from completely freaking out when I looked down at my hands and I thought they were disconected and I could move them with my nind, I found this to be funny and at the moment I started laughing I began to really enjoy what seemed like a mild LSD trip. (Slight visual and heavey audio hallucinations) take one or two small hits and its like weed. Rip it and you will trip. I try not to rip it though I prefer the weed hi it produces.

  25. Jay Man says:

    You cant smoke it like weed. I roll the equivalent of a half bowl wraped in a joint. I take 1-2 hits and chill. It feels just like MJ then. But if you hit it like weed you will freak out or worse. Its because it is a full inhibitor of the CB1 and CB2 where weed is just a partial so its MUCH stronger and requires a lot less.

  26. cAAYzCLANxFTB2v says:


  27. Copen Thatgrizz says:

    your philosophy on life can make you end up in trouble lol

  28. Copen Thatgrizz says:

    dip as in like copenhagen or grizzly?

  29. Ryan Price says:

    Dreaming awake.

  30. brownsa9577 says:

    Good job! I hope this video will convince others to stay away from Spice.

  31. amcr9186 says:


  32. amcr9186 says:

    That’s crazy… Glad you don’t do it anymore! That shit is wake…

  33. Jovani Morales says:

    OMG YAS!!! Everything he said was EXACTLY what I experienced! NEVER do it! It is so not worth it you literally feel like you went insane EVEN AFTER ONE HIT ! Worst and scariest experience ever! /: Mines lasted about an hour .. But it felt like I was there foreverrrr

  34. Gunit8812 says:

    I thort u meant the actual food spice lol

  35. monk bean says:

    Same thing here i took like 4 hits and i seen myself die i was having a out of body experience watching myself die scary never do spice


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