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Fake cigarettes and marajuana for a film?

Posted on 25 November 2013 by admin

Query by knowitall: Fake cigarettes and marajuana for a movie?
I am creating a tiny film and a single of the scenes would have people smoking cigarettes and weed and selling weed. Is there something I can get or use to make them look legit? No I am not going to use real weed and cigarettes. I’m going to be showing the film to kids at my college and if a teacher sees I might get in truly big difficulty. So I want fake cigarettes and make it look like genuine smoke is coming and I need to have some thing that appears like fake weed.

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Answer by Patrick
You can use oregano for fake weed. Idk about fake cigarettes although

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2 Responses to “Fake cigarettes and marajuana for a film?”

  1. Lynn says:

    Well, you can always buy some papers (ZigZag or Topps) and fill them with dried oregano or parsley. They’ll look like a joint without the obvious side effects when smoking them.

    For something that looks like a cig (with a filter), tobacco shops sometimes sold non-tobacco cigs. It’s been decades since I’ve seen one, but back in my day we asked for “lettuce cigarettes.” I’m not sure it’s lettuce in there, but it’s some organic substance that isn’t suppose to have the carcinogens or nicotine.

    And, since it has been over 30 years, since I’ve looked for the product (so it might not exist anymore), you can always buy a cheapo e-cig. They’re kind of new – about ten years old now – and have commercials for them on TV, but it looks like a cig, but the vapor is steam and the flavor is just flavoring not tobacco. (I think you can get them in vanilla or other flavors.) The only down side is they don’t burn, so the size never shrinks and they’re heavier than a regular cig, so it’s used differently than those of us who let go of the tube while inhaling. (I can’t smoke them, because every time I inhale, I let go, and it falls out of my mouth. I doubt that should be a problem if the actor doesn’t really smoke. lol) Also, you have to check it out ahead of time. For some of them, the part that is supposed to look like a smoldering ember at the end of the cigarette, is turquiose when it’s not lit, which looks dumb.


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