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dose anyone know reasons why marijuana is illeagle in most of the U.S?

Posted on 08 October 2013 by admin

Question by glowsticksforever: dose anyone know reasons why marijuana is illeagle in most of the U.S?
whats the governments reasons?theres got to be a big percentage of bud smokers in the u.s, if it became leagle couldnt the government make money off of the profits?

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Answer by Hootie J
White guys don’t run it. Like booze, cigarettes, and automobiles. just ask Chris Rock, he does a great routine on this

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9 Responses to “dose anyone know reasons why marijuana is illeagle in most of the U.S?”

  1. mike t says:

    weed is less addictive then cigaretes but yo lips turn black and rot and you lose yo brain fasta

  2. houstonpackard says:

    Marijuana is still being vetoed by the liquor industry and if your congressional reps favored “bud” over “Bud,” no free booze and lobby benefits from their old pal George Dubya Booze. The government is just too stupid to realize the time has come and nearly gone for raking in tax revenue from California’s biggest money crop.

  3. Tiger Eyes says:

    We don’t need anymore dumba**** in the U.S. so it’s probably best that it’s illegal

  4. chris_devry_student says:

    come on, if the magic grass became legal every one would be high as fuck and it would be lol. could u see the gov of cali smoking a roach with the Mayer of la now that would be lol

  5. hera says:

    Because the truth is that you can make a lot of stuff from hemp. It is very versatile. You can make paper, clothing, even strong fences from it…to the point that one plant can produce the same amount of ethanol that a field of corn does!

    Many manufactures felt threatened from Hemp, so they renamed it to the Mexican word Marijuana and said that it made people go crazy. Because it was named a different drug people didn’t make the connection until it was too late. As then, as it is now, big business wins out every time.

  6. crabby_blindguy says:

    The reasons are ideological. Here’s a capsule history:
    In the 1920s/1930s marijuana was legal. However, latter day moralists/temperance types started a campaign to outlaw it–and alleged that marijuana caused all kinds of evils, including violent behavior. There is even a film from the time (“Reefer Madness”) that lays out this whole thing.

    The scientific evidence for the claims is utterly lacking. What research that is available today suggests marijuana is not good health-wise, though not as harmful as excessive alcohol consumption.

    Over time-especially since the 1960s, support for the laws against marijuana has steadily weakened. In addition it is now the largest cash crop in the US (no kidding)–so you’re right. Legalized and regulated, it would be a major revenue source.

    However, at this point in time, we continueto have an administration headed by people (as we’ve had a Congress for 12 years–until last November) beholden to the religious right. And for them, marijuana is a “evil” even worse than alcohol–and that is an article of faith, jsut like their belief in creationism, and no more ssusceptible to change based on evidence.

    Personally, I’d give it another 10-15 years-but eventually it will be legalized.

  7. krystulseth says:

    primarily because it’s seen as competing with existing products and is harder to monopolize.

    If pot were legal, and they were charging too much for it, you could just grow it in your backyard. It takes a lot more effort to make your own booze.

    The related plant, hemp, is also a competitor for oil, cotton, and wood. People with a lot of money invested in those commodities have an incentive to keep it off the market.

    It is similar to car companies buying up battery or alternative fuel technology then never putting it on the market.

  8. Dr.alqpoe says:

    Pot is illegal Federally. (all of the US) Federal law overrides all other laws. However, for you to get caught is difficult because there are very few federal agents patrolling the streets. And because pot isn’t a big deal the federal government is focusing more on detrimental problems like 20 million illegal aliens not filing taxes and crowding schools and hospitals.
    For the legality stance to change, we need to vote on it federally.
    Until then, smoke up!

  9. krissto says:

    its simple economics. Weed takes care of two addictions at once,smoking and euphoria. The tabbacco companies and alchohol companies cant compete with the industry that would be created with legalization. It’s easier to keep it out of mainstream and profit on what we have than adapt. Little piece of info, 85% of americans smoke or have smoked weed, and if put to and “American people” vote, would be legal today.


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