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does marijuana impact a mans capability to get it up?

Posted on 19 April 2014 by admin

Query by LLsmiles: does marijuana effect a mans ability to get it up?

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Answer by CanuckCrazy
somewhat of the opposite

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11 Responses to “does marijuana impact a mans capability to get it up?”

  1. General1370 says:

    It shouldn’t just the sperm count but who needs babies anyways

  2. SDubz says:

    sounds like a MANSWERS question

  3. Rob Ert says:

    yes my bf smoke alll days and he wont ever touch me and i say but your 14 already and should unless your gay

  4. alan's psycadelic breakfast says:

    you look down and it’s up and then you giggle a little

  5. Ishamezl says:

    Well to answer this you’ll need to first understand what it does. Everyone knows marijuana makes you high. It makes you feel on top of the world, but once it losses the high effect, your stoned. You have lower energy levels then before. And everytime you take it, the less higher you become, and the lower you’ll be when the high is finished.

    So yes… it does.

  6. JUNiOR says:

    i think it’s a myth because they also say that if you smoke weed your penis will shrink and voice will get higher

  7. BongoPlaya36874 says:

    Kills brain cells which inhibits performance…duh

  8. Barcode says:

    The following are some of the common physical effects of marijuana:
    Tremors (shaking)
    Decreased coordination
    Breathing problems
    Increased appetite
    Reduced blood flow to the brain & a man’s penis.
    Changes in the reproductive organs.
    Like tobacco, marijuana contains many chemicals that can hurt the lungs and cause cancer. One marijuana cigarette can cause more damage to the lungs than many tobacco cigarettes because marijuana has more tar in it and is usually smoked without filters.

  9. Z? says:

    No way, when I smoke i get horny as hell

  10. daleksunited says:

    Over time, and with chronic doses? Certainly.

    Marijuana will change the blood flow over time to the reproductive organs, so a chronic user may eventually be unable to get, or maintain, an erection.

    The problem is analogous to impotence due to heavy alcohol intake, where the problem is somewhat better known as “brewer’s droop”.

  11. Hustle says:

    It effects every man differently. For some yes, for some no.


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