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Does cannabis lose potency as it gets older?

Posted on 30 May 2014 by admin

Question by ₮y: Does cannabis lose potency as it gets older?
The healthcare kind of course. Does it shed potency just sitting around?

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Answer by RasH-RasH
Yes , It does shed potency if stored for a longtime.Wrap it properly in a plastic and keep it inside an airtight container away from light and heat.That can make it final up to 6 months.Make sure that the buds are really dry prior to you pack them.Moisture can trigger decay. Its potent adequate if employed within three months.
The best way is to extract the THC oil out of the cannabis and store this oil in a glass bottle.This lasts for a longer time. The extraction is an effortless process. All you need to have is some pure alcohol/ethanol , a little metal bowl , a low flame burner and some patience 🙂

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