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Does any individual know what the newest news is?

Posted on 19 September 2013 by admin

Query by : Does anyone know what the latest news is?
Does any individual know what the newest news is in regards to the issue with the DEA agents attaching the GPS unit to track Mr. Juan Pineda-Moreno car?

Ideal answer:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit earlier this month declined to schedule an en banc hearing, or a hearing prior to all judges in the ninth circuit, as requested by the defendant in a drug-associated case. The defendant was looking for to suppress proof gathered against him by federal agents who attached a GPS device to his automobile without initial acquiring a warrant.

The defendant, Juan Pineda-Moreno of Oregon, claims that U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search by planting, without a warrant, a tracking device on a car parked in his driveway in 2007. The agents have been tracking Pineda-Moreno on suspicion that he belonged to a marijuana expanding operation.

A 3-judge panel of the appellate court in January rejected Pineda-Moreno’s claims and ruled that his constitutional rights had been not violated. The court this month rejected a petition by Pineda-Moreno for a rehearing of his case by the complete Ninth Circuit panel of judges.

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