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Do head shops sell marijuana?

Posted on 25 February 2014 by admin

Question by xxiDJMJxxi: Do head shops sell marijuana?
i was just curious…i by no means been in one particular but i know they sell bongs, bubblers, rolling papers and so on.. but do they sell marijuana in the shops?

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Answer by dvk
is marijuana legal?

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5 Responses to “Do head shops sell marijuana?”

  1. Ellie Belle says:

    Oh, if only.

  2. szmba says:

    not usually

  3. taurus9587 says:

    no its illegal in the United States and they don’t usually sell illegal product in stores in the united States

  4. Supermom says:

    it’s illegal to sell marijuana.

    these shops sell stuff you can use to do drugs, but not the drugs themselves. (unless someone’s dealing drugs out of the place, but that seems pretty dumb.)

  5. Richie S says:

    your an idiot


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