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Cool Consequences Of Smoking Pot pictures

Posted on 15 September 2013 by admin

Some cool consequences of smoking pot photos:

I am down once again – drug poster campaign (hdr)
consequences of smoking pot
Image by Adam Foster | Codefor
This was employed for my 2nd year Visual Design project:

A poster to be employed for a drug awareness campaign titled &quotWorried about An individual&quot? Made to be utilised by the independent drug awareness and guidance service FRANK.

The poster utilizes dark and abstract imagery manipulated to look like a disturbing scene of a drug abuser clearly distressed/confused and
in need to have of support. An unreal yet significant eye catching appeal is employed in a bold try to get friends of, or drug abuser themselves to contact FRANK.

I attempted to use shocking and severe content material to show the consequences and seriousness of drug use, previous campaigns from FRANK I
identified exactly where either as well comical or also info rich. I have kept the posters easy but with a clear message that hopefully close friends
of drug users will pick and act upon.


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