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Posted on 17 February 2014 by admin

Check out these buy rasta weed photos:

Friday-Love! ~ Bug Eyed Strange Guy Fawkes Edition
buy rasta weed
Image by Viewminder
Ooooooh yeah.

Can you feel it?

That feelin’ of Fridayness?

Uh huh.

What a crazy ass week wasn’t it?

I’m startin’ to consider that they’re all crazy.

They will leave you kinda lookin’ like this guy if you let ’em.

Dude was cool.

He was walking down Milwaukee Avenue carrying a trombone case.

In my encounter guys walking down the street carrying trombone circumstances at midnight are either crazy trombone players or they are drug dealers carrying a trombone case filled with marijuana.

The devil’s weed.

Sweet Mary Jane.

Packed complete in sandwich baggies three fingers thick.

I used to smoke pot in college.

I feel the final time I purchased it I bought it from a guy carrying a trombone case down the street.

In Honolulu Hawaii.

I was on my way to Bangkok and the plane hadda cease in the islands to get some gas and I decided I’d get off and explore for a couple of days.

Catch the subsequent a single.

You could do that in these days due to the fact people had been cool.

They did not fly airplanes into buildings or butt search you when you flew anywhere domestically like they do now.

I rented some crap ass Suzuki Samuri tin foil jeep like thing for twenty nine bucks a day and slept in that piece of junk all more than that island.

Kept getting kicked off of pineapple plantations by safety guards in the middle of the night after the cops threatened to throw my ass in jail for sleepin’ on the beach.

Honolulu was really type of boring if you’re not with a hot chick on your honeymoon and I’d heard about this legendary weed known as ‘Maui Wowwie’ and figured maybe I could score some there.

Maui wasn’t too far away I thought.

I am glad I did very good in geography class.

Education pays.

I hit all the negative neighborhoods and individuals tried to sell me every other vice in the world but nobody had any of the sensimilian rasta enjoy herbs I was lookin’ for.

I’d pretty considerably offered up on the whole notion and rather I chartered a boat and went marlin fishing for the day and enjoyed me some of the big blue ocean and because I did not catch a marlin I decided to hit some fish joint on the beach exactly where you could grill up your personal marlin steak.

It was an epic dinner and when I was walkin’ back to that crap ass Suzuki Samuri I see this guy in a tie dyed Grateful Dead shirt carrying a trombone case walkin’ down the street with a smile on his face and lookin’ like he did not have a care in the world.

If you know anything about something you know THAT guy’s carryin’.

So as I walked by him I whispered ‘weed?’

The guy stopped in his tracks and turned about and stated ‘buyin’ or sellin’?’

‘Lookin” I answered.

You know… just in case he was Hawaii 5- undercover or somethin’.

Below the barbaric laws of the time they nonetheless put folks in prison for havin’ that.

Oh wait… they nonetheless do.

Dealer man shot back ‘follow me.’

We walked into an alley next to the Honolulu Hilton and he opened that trombone case and holy smokes the thing was filled to capacity with the illegal green budness.

All neatly organized in rows according to weight and grade.

The guy was a professional.

Smelled like the Hienecken factory or a skunk farm proper when he opened it I swear.

He was a full service pot dealer… probably specializing in the tourist market and he even had packages of rolling papers for the comfort of his consumers.

‘I do a lot of organization with the japanese’ he said ‘they’re my most significant consumers.’

I picked up a bag of his create right after he extolled it’s virtues, promising me ‘you ain’t in no way smoked weed this excellent.’

We sat on the Hilton’s air conditioning unit there in the alley and he insisted on twisting up a fatty with me and we smoked it right there.

Excellent gahd he was correct.

I had in no way smoked weed like that just before and I in no way have since.

That stuff created me ‘see’ music.

I fell right on my ass off the air conditioning unit and he packed up his trombone case and headed off into the sultry Honolulu night looking for far more company.

I identified my shitball Suzuki Samuri and headed to the north component of the island where he mentioned the waves had been supposed to be killer in the morning.

No one was on the roads and I drove actual slow… waiting for stop signs to turn green and almost everything.

I kept my eyes open for a twenty four hour burrito shack.

It had turned into a gorgeous night and the stars were outstanding to sleep beneath.

I slept behind some strip mall and woke up feeling like shit.

A day on the beach cured me of all of that and with that small bag of the ganja I produced a whole bunch of new buddies.

Individuals could smell that stuff from a mile away.

Everybody was content and the livin’ was excellent…

but I hadda catch a 747 to Bangkok late that afternoon and I headed back to the airport in the flimsy tiny Suzuki Samuri I’d been calling property.

It really is not a very good notion to travel internationally with marijuana on your individual so I completed off that stuff correct just before I got to the rental return at the airport…

I flicked the last half of my last satisfied cigarette carelessly into the breeze and mentioned goodbye to Hawaii and that frickin’ Suzuki Samuri with a smile and some actually red eyes.

And a terrible hankering for a bag of Doritos.

You know that joint I flipped outta the car on the way to the airport?


It in no way left the auto.

It landed in my camera bag and melted itself to the top of it on the inside of the flap exactly where you open and close it.

Exactly where it remained while I went through customs in two nations.

I got a tiny further scrutiny when I landed in Tokyo right after spendin’ some time in Bankgok.

Dogs were sniffin’ all my stuff and almost everything.

But they by no means identified that half a joint in my camera bag.

I found it six months later.

Me and a buddy finished it off and reminisced about the United States and then walked around the streets of Osaka feelin’ actually excellent and havin’ a new appreciation for japanese letters in neon.

I’m not sayin’ old boy in this picture’s got anything to do with marijuana dealin’…

He coulda just been walkin’ back from a trombone gig or something.

But he looked like he was genuinely feelin’ the love if you know what I imply.

He positive reminded me of my buddy ‘Budman’ in Honolulu.

I hope you happen to be feelin’ a distinct kinda enjoy these days.

One that does not bug your eyes out like that.

I hope you got some cush plans for the weekend and you happen to be feelin’ like a million bucks ’cause you survived that crazy freakin’ week without as well a lot collateral damage to your soul.

We created it to Friday.

The rest of the week can kiss my ass.


I’m feelin’ the love you know.


Epic Friday-Enjoy!

I hope you have the very best weekend.


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