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Compare weed to tobacco?

Posted on 22 February 2014 by admin

Question by : Examine weed to tobacco?
How is smoking weed different from smoking standard cigarettes? Apart from the individual effects, does it pose the exact same environmental hazards? Does it have an effect on non-smokers in the vicinity, the same way tobacco smoke does? Is there a website that can give me information on this topic?
Does it influence the atmosphere/other men and women??? The one particular point i cant stand about ciggies is that, for your personal pleasuer, youre subjecting the ecosystem/innocent lungs to undeserved degradation. In that sense, is weed undesirable?

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Answer by Lucifer
Weed and Tobacco are both addictive. Weed is producing your self drowsy. When you smoke pot every single day for a extended time and then stop cold, you will feel like your tweaking, and then you are going to need a hit to calm you down. I’ve been smoking herb for 13 years, and it really is Difficult TO QUIT. anybody who says weed is only Mentally addictive is wrong. anything mentally addictive becomes physically addictive over time. Cigarettes are the governments drug. It is only utilized for profit at the expense of innocent kids. They are way far more addictive and allot worse as well. American Spirits are much better then the other people at least. But cigs are HARSH and smell alot worse then weed. At least if you do not smoke weed you have a lot more of a opportunity of acquiring a girlfriend.

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9 Responses to “Compare weed to tobacco?”

  1. cmira4 says:

    Weed is a 100 times worse than cigarettes. It also fries your brain.

  2. JESS says:

    Weed that is grown naturally and not laced with any other drug is better for you than cigarettes. The cigarettes have added un-natural chemicals and this is why they become addictive. Kinda like crank, just not as harsh.
    Although, lung damage can occur from either.

  3. lv_consultant says:

    well to date there is not one case of lung cancer contributed to smoking marijuana. Harvard Medical School just concluded a 30 year medical study on the subject months ago

  4. John says:

    cigs just calm u down, stress reliever
    weed you get really high, where i laugh at everything and have a good time, i often get tired, hard to explain, and lasts hours usually. its harmless as long as your in a safe environment to enjoy your high. weed makes me happy.

  5. Ryan K says:

    Weed does not have the toxins that cigarettes have, which means less chance of lung cancer. However, has about 10 times more tar than tobacco, which can lead to other bad health effects such as emphysema. Luckily, people smoke weed a whole lot less than they would usually smoke cigarettes.

    Almost anyone who’s smoked both will tell you that weed is far less dangerous than smoking tobacco health wise. However, you are obviously more likely to do something really dumb if you are high…

  6. blunder babe says:

    As most joints are rolled using tobacco they reckon it’s hard to make a clear conclusion about this, have a look at this site….,3182,3172_71944811_71962447_langId-en,00.html

  7. fairy crazy says:

    Smoking weed (like 1 joint) is like smoking 7 cigs at one time. I think that it could pose the same hazard as smoking cig. because of all the tar your lungs are getting and the smoke its self is potant and could cause a contact high. I don’t know of any sites but I’m sure if you wanted more info you could look up a site about the effects of marijuana on the brain and body.

  8. ukiah says:

    weed is 1000 times worse than tobacco. It kills brain cells.

  9. shkawamoto says:

    Smoking weed is different from smoking cigarettes in that most pot smokers smoke less if the quality is good.

    No, it does not pose the same environmental hazards.

    Yes, it may affect non-smokers in the vicinity but that would be offset by the effects of THC.

    Please look at 10 Things You Need to Know about Marijuana:


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