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Colorado Tourism Industrial: Weed is Legal

Posted on 06 July 2014 by admin

Marijuana has officially been legalized for recreational use in Colorado. Why not program your subsequent family trip to the Centennial State? Featuring: Rob Michael …

It really is now legal to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana in Washington state, but you can’t smoke it in public. At least for now, Seattle Police plan to appear t…

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31 Responses to “Colorado Tourism Industrial: Weed is Legal”

  1. I Hate Being Single says:

    I don’t remember doing this…. oh!

  2. Kayytack says:

    Maybe I can actually find a job here now because I’ll be one of the only
    people who can pass a drug test:)

  3. Jack Ball says:

    Colorado Tourism commercial. made by a bunch of stoners in California.
    please. come here, be Stoners here. we want your money. please come and
    give us your money to smoke pot in our state you stupid fucking hippies.

  4. Daniel Iovine says:


  5. BlackOpsCraving says:

    Horrible commercial. It’s so bad.

  6. Above Average says:

    …But what if he’s actually right about the Bear Olympics?

  7. UCBComedy says:

    Booking our trip to Colorado now!

  8. Canna Helper says:

    LOL~~ admit it it’s funny!!


    I smoked weed in Colorado before it was legal. I’ve smoked weed in over 10

  10. Andre Vandal says:

    Oh dear!

  11. Jaime Ramos says:

    Hey famo…lets all visit Da good’ole state of Colorado…how bout it?

  12. Sage Wysocki says:

    At least the Aspen and Vail areas aren’t entirely
    Iike this. -Someone who lives in Colorado, and finds it a bit annoying.

  13. Greg Deocampo says:

    dude too much double diamond

  14. omgz8876 says:

    All very well and fine but im pretty sue soon as i entered ur country i
    would be arrested and held by gangsters of ur system.

    so its Amsterdam for me.

  15. marcus soto says:

    if god created the universe, who created god haha i love it

  16. Ben Siekierski says:

    I’d say this state is semi-like this…. we are all a bunch of enigma jelly
    fish floating along in an endless sea of knowledge protoplasm 

  17. Ginger Benson says:

    I’m going to Colorado.

  18. Kenneth Cruey says:

    Nice Alienware laptop.

  19. Erika Martinez says:

    they need to make this shit legal in Oregon -.-

  20. nowyourenraged2 says:

    a bunch of potheads.

  21. mjimih says:

    toke toke toke yer bud, gently down the street merrily merrily merrily
    merrily life is but a dream

  22. Puabond says:

    Socioeconomic progress is what is occurring. The only economic a

  23. Johnny Diaz says:

    Obama did so he could smoke one

  24. rozz2656 says:

    Bullshit smoking outside is the BEST!

  25. Melinda Stevenson says:

    Great news! Hopefully Washington will pave the way for the rest of the

  26. ptennisproductions says:

    2 legal oz smoke blurpelberry24.77%thc. Blueberry dream23.9%thc

  27. FlopSofc says:

    I’m sorry, what? If I hurt myself, that’s my decision and my problem.
    That’s absolutely none of your business if I decided to do something with
    my body.

  28. bigflytrap says:

    Still a felony to grow a plant, such bullshit!

  29. MysticalGlue says:

    That old lady at the end gots a face that she hasen’t been fuck in years.

  30. Teglhouse says:

    It’s pretty hard to smoke hash without Tobacco…

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