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chest pains when i smoke weed?

Posted on 30 January 2014 by admin

Question by David: chest pains when i smoke weed?
Sorry i didnt know where else to post this but Ive been smoking for years and years, I just started to get a VERY uncomfortable chest pain (feels like my heart) every time i blaze. Doesnt happen when i smoke cigs or drink (because ive heard people having that) only when i smoky herb. Its not like im really blown and im freaking out, ive tried smoking way less and i still get it. I havnt smoked recently because of it and im just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this happening to a daily smoker out of nowhere.

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Answer by ▒▒Diangelo Martina▒▒
If it hurts, try coughing. Sometimes smoke can get “stuck” in your lungs. Or, try to go a few days without smoking and see how you feel, or smoke less. Yeah, you wont be getting as high. Also, I would suggest investing in a pipe or bong. Rolling paper gets you less high, and it makes the smoke “heavier”, which can take a toll on your lungs. Good luck, and smoke a bit for me haha

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