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Cannabis Well being positive aspects discussed by fox news medical doctors

Posted on 17 November 2013 by admin

Fox news doctors speak about marijuana and marijuana research. No hype.

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25 Responses to “Cannabis Well being positive aspects discussed by fox news medical doctors”

  1. David Gill says:

    Omg this is fox news? I was expecting them to say, “Cannabis means you’re a
    communist and Jesus will hate you”

  2. Cesar Barbosa says:

    evenly cannabis is still less worse then anything

  3. Cesar Barbosa says:

    No body died from cannabis overdose compare to alcohol , tobacco , caffeine
    , asprin

  4. Alex Bratson says:

    I am loud and proud, I am healthy guy, call me gym freak I dont mind, move
    your fat bum on treadmill, stop fooling your self be productive and stop
    spoiling your life

  5. Dirt Farmer says:

    Cool man…you like to pump! Can i take a hit now? Do you mind?

  6. KVrael15 says:

    I don’t think hitting the gym is going to help someone suffering from
    chemotherapy. Working out is a wonderful thing, and everyone should
    exercise. But you’re a little off-topic here. Working out is not going to
    help stop cancer or absolve nerve pain or things such as arthritis(it would
    most likely make the latter even worse.)

  7. SharkTheArdvark says:

    Thank you for the kind words and you would be surprised that many athletes
    use cannabis for relaxation and recuperation. It has a much nicer buzz than
    alcohol and no hang overs. And like you said legalization will allow
    taxation and regulation instead of the criminal cartels running the show
    right now.

  8. Alex Bratson says:

    Dont get me wrong I am in favor of decriminalisation of weed, I actually
    believe that access to weed should be legal and taxed instead of being
    illegal and found in black market. all I am saying that I am feeling much
    more better without being high and smoking weed, I used to be weed user, I
    used to be stoner so I know where u have come from, and I acknowledge your
    rights however trust me on this, GYM and Workout was the best thing ever
    happened in my life and I would like to share it with u!

  9. SharkTheArdvark says:

    This is great what you are doing. What if laws passed that you can’t get
    your endorphin high? No one blocking you from doing what you want. Why laws
    are there to block people from using cannabis for enjoyment? Addiction to
    anything is bad! Cannabis users are your neighbors, your teachers, your
    lawyers and doctors, your athletes, and really can be anyone. They are not
    addicted anymore than someone who takes a glass of wine with their dinner.
    The laws are simply unjust to criminalize it. Peace.

  10. Alex Bratson says:

    I am loud and proud, I am addicted, I am GYM ADDICTED, I dont need weed and
    THC to get high, I need my weights to get high, to those stoners sitting on
    their big bums, having ice cream and chips and all these empty calories
    munchies ! get on to the treadmill, stop fooling your self, you know and I
    know and every “F” person know in this world what addiction is, stop
    fooling your self, you dont need THC on a regular basis, You need to use
    your muscles, if you dont lose it, you lose it, GYM and GYM

  11. Nathan Batten says:

    Finally, more Drs admitting the medical benefits of cannabis! It’s Good To

  12. KINGORVIL17 says:

    says email him at fox lol

  13. SharkTheArdvark says:

    That is what the institute of medicine said. watch?v=_STpaV7PXj0

  14. Dermot Heaney says:

    I read about 9% of people can become addicted.

  15. xXPunchWillowXx says:

    Wigged out… lol

  16. OnlyHempFuture says:

    THC does share reseptors for Endorphin and serotonin production, So, the so
    called High comes from your own Endorphins.

  17. SharkTheArdvark says:

    They didn’t say “good for a baby” if mom smokes or uses cannabis during her
    pregnancy. You have to be careful with that understanding. They said the
    babies were not worse than babies who their moms did not take cannabis
    while carrying them. It is a different thing.

  18. Michael Jonathan says:

    I think I know why marijuana during pregnancy is good for a baby: our
    bodies contain cannabinoid receptors that are designed to process
    cannabinoids such as the one’s in marijuana which are vital for human
    development. Even breast milk contains the same cannabinoids found in
    marijuana. Its on naturalnews(dot)com Just google: Cannabinoids, like those
    found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk natural news.

  19. Skywalka187 says:

    even if it was legal everywhere so many parents now a days look down on it.
    its bullshit, a kid has cancer and is dieing but cant get the proper
    treatment so he is forced to go to the street even for fraction of what the
    medical cannabis is offering today from facilitys. parents who let their
    kids die from cancer and who wont let their kids use cannabis for medical
    needs deserve to be arrested.

  20. Ben Mcgovern says:

    Proof yet again

  21. Austin Vander Weil says:

    lol just another propaganda spewing fox journalist “glue..glaucoma”

  22. SharkTheArdvark says:

    The DEA gets paid if the status quo is kept. DEA is not about science,
    justice, or even human decency. The DEA is looking out for himself and his
    position only. DEA’s rarely will they lead, they just follow orders.

  23. peterpotpie says:

    The DEA still claims that marijuana has no medical value. Is there really
    anyone who believes that?

  24. FSquid says:

    While I endorse legalization, I’m worried by this common talking point of
    ‘marijuana isn’t physically addictive.’ There is no such thing as physical
    addiction, there are just withdrawals and those typically last a few days
    to a week or two. While they are awful, they are not what experts are
    talking about when they mention addiction. Withdrawals are what happens
    when the drug is leaving the body. Addiction is the mental state of having
    resolved problems for years/decades with negative habits.

  25. dly1988 says:

    i support legalization but this guys supposed to be a docter and cant even
    pronounce cannabidiol!


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