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Can this affect your ability to get an erection?

Posted on 02 September 2013 by admin

Question by David8650: Can this affect your ability to get an erection?
I’m sixteen and I have been having trouble lately. I can’t keep an erection when I’m having sex, and I have trouble when I’m masturbaiting! This has started happening very recently and has never been a problem before. Recently I have started smoking marajuana alot! I am just wondering if this is the problem. If it’s not, what else could it be?

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Answer by Big YellaTeeth
At this time, based on the symptoms you are having I recommend you join a Monastary and become a monk. You are only 16 AND you’re a pothead and a manwhore???

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One Response to “Can this affect your ability to get an erection?”

  1. Barcode says:

    You better believe it! Pot can cause an interruption of blood flow to the penis & result in erectile dysfunction or impotence. Read article below. (Read all the way to the end.)

    What are the common side effects of marijuana use?
    The following are some of the common side effects of using marijuana:

    Trouble remembering things
    Slowed reaction time
    Difficulty concentrating
    Paranoia (feeling that people are “out to get you”)
    Altered time perception
    Red, bloodshot eyes
    Using marijuana for a long time makes some people lose interest in school, work, relationships and other activities. It may also cause legal problems. Using marijuana can be especially dangerous in certain situations, such as when you are driving, because your reaction time is slower. This make it more difficult to react to a dangerous situation, which could cause an accident.

    How can marijuana affect me physically?

    The following are some of the common physical effects of marijuana:
    Tremors (shaking)
    Decreased coordination
    Breathing problems
    Increased appetite
    Reduced blood flow to the brain and penis.

    Changes in the reproductive organs

    Like tobacco, marijuana contains many chemicals that can hurt the lungs and cause cancer. One marijuana cigarette can cause more damage to the lungs than many tobacco cigarettes because marijuana has more tar in it and is usually smoked without filters.


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