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California Marijuana Legalization in 2012

Posted on 05 January 2012 by smokeandtoke6123

With the defeat of Proposition 19 at the California ballot this past November, proponents of marijuana legalization and regulation had a bitter pill to swallow following months of arduous campaigning.  However the vote was close with 53% against and 47% in favor of legalization.  This has offered supporters ammunition to move forward in 2012.

Numerous experience that what was the moment a fringe problem has now moved into the mainstream.  Backers of Prop. 19 think that with more schooling and awareness, the voters of California are ready to turn the tide.  They experience that the political climate had shifted and that an already existing donor infrastructure will give them a leg up for 2012.  2012 is also a presidential election year, which means more voters come to the polls.

Some of the greater players to emerge for 2012 are the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform 2012, California NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012.  At this point it is to early to tell which organization will take the lead and bring an initiative to the ballot.  It is fascinating to note that the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform 2012 senior leadership team is comprised of a lot of veterans of the Prop.

19 campaign.

Due to the huge quantity of national and international interest heaped on Prop 19, legalization organizations have been capable to harness the publicity to amass considerable war chests for a 2012 ballot initiative.  Organizations have also reported improved contribution not only from men and women, but from a variety of enterprise that stand to benefit from a marijuana economic system.

However the 2012 elections are about 15 months away, opponents and proponents have already geared up for round II.

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