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Posted on 13 March 2014 by admin

Some cool legalized weed states images:

legalized weed states
Image by J. Paxon Reyes
Much has been in the news the past week about the closure of the CU Boulder campus on 4/20 this year. They plan on restricting access to the whole of campus, allowing only students, faculty, and staff on the grounds of this public university. CU officials state a policy called Campus Use of University Facilities which allows them to close or limit access to the campus due to "distractions". It is the distraction of this event that is cited as the reason for the closure. It took me awhile to realize, but I believe that cannabis should be legalized…and this without ever having tried it. It just makes sense to legalize. What’s more enraging is that CU officials are, in my opinion based on my reading of the referenced policy, acting illegally in the closure of campus to all visitors*.

* The only visitors allowed on campus that day, between the hours of 9am and 6pm, are those who plan to attend a santioned event and who has previously registered at this website and who also checks in on the CU East campus before entering the main campus.

View from Pier 66
legalized weed states
Image by Bods
Pier 66 is a cruise liner terminal, and it has a great view from its roof which the public are allowed to stand on as long as there’s not a ship in.

It was also where I smelt a distinct whiff of the old weed. The following day I learned that Washington State is legalising marijuana – usage, and small scale growing and retail.

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