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Ashley Monroe – Weed Instead Of Roses

Posted on 03 July 2014 by admin

“Weed Rather Of Roses” from Ashley Monroe’s album “Like A Rose” – download on iTunes: Comply with ASHLEY:…

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14 Responses to “Ashley Monroe – Weed Instead Of Roses”

  1. Train says:

    If you saw us on the Mermaids Of Alcatraz Tour, you saw Pat join Ashley
    Monroe to sing “Weed Instead Of Roses”. They played an acoustic version you
    can watch here You can watch Ashley’s new music
    video for “Weed Instead Of Roses” here

  2. Arnaldo Garza says:

    For u :-)♡:-)

  3. C Bret Campbell says:

    Real country sound! Cute lyric! 

  4. Trish Amee says:

    No country music fan here but these lyrics rock. 

  5. Brian Morris says:

    Great to see some no nonsense drumming there…real country. Love the song,

  6. mark zellers says:

    Very cool and retro video. Reminds me of the late great Gram Parsons and
    his nudie suit.

  7. Sher Bach says:

    LOVE it!

  8. cinnamon rainbow says:

    This is awesomely good song
    Listen to it

  9. US Superprints says:

    this is dope.. i don’t know what you country folk say for “really good”
    in hip hop urban slang lol this is dope … sharing it now lol 

  10. Michael Baggett says:

    I think I just fell in LOVE!!!!

  11. chelsie barnes says:

    It’s so funny the uptight prissy bitches complaining. Yet you obviously
    ended up on this song/video for a reason. It didn’t type it’s name in to
    find this video by itself lol. Stupid dumb idiots. Weed is and herd not a
    drug. Do some research and learn about it before complaining. And no it’s
    not a gateway drug. Parents who don’t talk to their children and educate
    them are the human gate way drug itself. Get off your high horses band stop
    acting like your better then everyone.

  12. Felicia Kasan says:

    Not really a ‘country’ song fan but I love this song!

  13. Jamie Price says:

    Love it!!! Weed is not a drug people its a plant that god put here for us
    to use in other ways then people getting high!!!!!! 

  14. jake tharp says:

    Weed instead of roses?! What the hell does she think country is!? Real
    Country boys and girls don’t do drugs you idiot! Very disappointed they
    would even call this country music!! 


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