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Check out these thc effect images: THC Image by Posted by:Klaudi THC Taken on:19.11.2011 Place:A wall behind the Trbovlje grammar school City:Trbovlje Country:SLOVENIA Comment:This graffiti has at least three interpretations. Because it is in Trbovlje it could mean Trbovlje Hard Core, which is a slang expression used by teenagers to express their feelings about […] [...more]

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Brand new SweetLeaf Incense Blend at

Check out these potpourri legal images: Brand new SweetLeaf Incense Blend at Image by OneLoveHeadshop Acquire This brand new incense blend at Completely LEGAL IN THE UK EVEN After THE FEBRUARY BAN Sweetleaf is a brand new blend in stock at 1 Adore headshop For wholesale inquiries contact akamai items here [...more]

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Latest Does Spice Contain Thc News

Police arrest teen on felony drug count During that search officers found a one gallon cellophane bag containing synthetic marijuana, which field tested positive for tetrahydrocannibinol, also known as THC. They also found empty sandwich bags and other paraphernalia related to drug distribution. Read more on Daily Journal Online [...more]

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Employee drug tests ID synthetic drugs

It’s another sign synthetic marijuana is surging in popularity. Employers can now drug test their workers to find out if they’re using synthetic marijuana. [...more]

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Is there a certain way to know if you have a Salvia Plant growing?

Question by schizo_cerda: Is there a distinct way to know if you have a Salvia Plant expanding? My yard has alot of different ranges of plants. Spices etc… I want to know if any of them can be a Salvia Plant but I never want to smoke each and every plant and end up fucked […] [...more]

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