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2013 High Instances Healthcare Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino – Part 1

Posted on 14 May 2014 by admin – News Feb 26, 2013 Thumbs up of you can’t get enough dabbing in the Southern California sunshine! In element one of our coverage of the 2…
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21 Responses to “2013 High Instances Healthcare Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino – Part 1”

  1. The Stony Skier says:

    That guy is on a different level. 0_°

  2. The Stony Skier says:

    That guy is lit. 

  3. Dean Greens says:

    just bought my tickets for denver 4/20 but it said because of the law there
    cant be anything given out for free is this true? if so how will they
    charge, per dab? because i wanna try a bunch of different oil

  4. gr1nder07 says:

    Ill admit some maybe smoking for recreational purposes, but remember that
    those talking about seeing new patients are the growers and producers that
    deliver the weed to the patients, of course they’re happy to meet new
    patients nigga

  5. Toalua Aumua says:

    “You’re probably lookin pretty gay” 5:20 

  6. drage marshall says:

    Love the bumble bee, whatever it was!! But it looks awesome as hell!! ;p

  7. Mr. Naimi says:

    i love cannibus, but fuck these losers and money mongers

  8. Evan Litton says:

    DENVER…4.19.14 – 4.20.14..CALL, TEXT 304.634.2474

  9. trollharderINC troll vigorously says:

    Secret cup is a bunch of fucking crooks. Took hash from applicants and
    didnt feature half of them.

  10. peter K says:

    cannabis should be illegal in all of america until it has been legalized in
    all the countries where they spread their “war on drugs” and anti cannabis

  11. drage marshall says:

    Oh, now i see. But I’m old fashioned. Stick to str8 up bud. Do the glass
    stuff special occasions, parties!!

  12. Gg fanatic says:

    Someone please tell me the intro song 

  13. Eric Weber says:


  14. Gg fanatic says:

    whats the intro music?

  15. mikey Money says:

    480 for an Oz hell with tht hahha i can get medical for cheaper wayyyyy

  16. uk420budman dank says:

    Check out my Blueberry grow on my channel mmmm ;)

  17. Kush Boy. says:

    what is glass and that lack thing at 10:23 and the thing after that looks
    like pinututter 

  18. Anthony Sanchez says:

    That bumblebee dabber tho, damn I wanna go to a cannabis cup soon

  19. chedderz66 says:

    “The Medicating Area” Bullshit. This is all about making money and
    exploiting the true medical marijuana patients. I have nothing against
    smoking cannabis but all this shit seems so fake and hypocritical. 

  20. chedderz66 says:

    These are not fucking medical marijuana patients. LoL Yeah, maybe some but
    come on be honest about this shit. They are there to get high and enjoy
    themselves not giving a fuck about the aids and cancer patients wasting
    away at home. . .

  21. MrBonedry says:

    wtf fella, you would be a sound kiddy if ya laid off the crack.


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