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California’s Pot Shops (CBS News)

“Only On The Internet”: An excerpt from a “60 Minutes” piece about California’s controversial pot shops, exactly where people can acquire marijuana for medicinal use. ( Video Rating: four / five A couple bongs and 3 bowls to kick start off my day! My weed shops open at 10am. I’ll have some new strains this […] [...more]

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Cool Legalmarijuana images

Verify out these legalmarijuana images: [...more]

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Legal Buds – Where To Get Herbal Smoking Blends That Can Aid You Quit Smoking? – Herbal Smoke, Herbal Incense, Legal Buds and Herbal Potpourri best costs at our Herbal Smoke Shop. All USA Legal Herbal Smoking Blends and Herbal Highs. Herbal Smoking Blends or Herbal Smoke and Legal Buds informative articles with explanation of what herbal smoke… Video Rating: 5 / five Incoming search terms:Www potpourri com [...more]

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How would i go about using herbs (primarily) or spices for smoking (as in cooking)?

by Rockies Question by : How would i go about using herbs (primarily) or spices for smoking (as in cooking)? What i want to do is impart some flavor into a protein using herbs and/or spices as part of the cooking process. Like for example I want to cook a chicken part of the way, […] [...more]

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Nice Cannabis Step By Step photos

Some cool cannabis step by step images: awesome party at Flaming Holey’s (channel 4, deal 1, trick N) Image by KevinHutchins314 The House Fairies couldn’t contain their excitement as they readied for the awesome party at Flaming Holey’s. The three imps splashed about in the showers, spritzed and glittered through the dressing-rooms, and flapped their […] [...more]

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