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Latest Chronic Marijuana Use Effects News

Teen marijuana use linked to later declines in IQ People who started using marijuana persistently before age 18 risk losing some of their IQ by the time they're 38, a long-running study says. In contrast, even long-term chronic users who started after age 18 showed no such effect, suggesting the drug … Read more on […] [...more]

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Supporters Turn In 50,000 Signatures, LA Marijuana Dispensary Ban Suspended

In July, members of the LA City Council approved a blanket ban on marijuana dispensaries in the city. This ban has now been suspended for the time being thanks to the efforts of medicinal cannabis supporters in the City of Angels. Today, medical marijuana advocates turned in nearly double the 27,425 signatures required to force […] [...more]

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can you take spice or legal smoke herbs to the airports. im going out of the country.?

by permanently scatterbrained Question by guerra: can you take spice or legal smoke herbs to the airports. im going out of the country.? yes im goin to some countries in south america,and i def want to get high over there but with legal stuff they sell here. like spice diamond spirit, or serenity. legal smoke […] [...more]

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What parts of a marijuana bud include the most THC?

Question by warennie: What parts of a marijuana bud contain the most THC? What parts of the bud contain the most thc. Do the little brown hairs contain much smokeable content? Best answer: Answer by Derek Wtest it out. buy a lot of weed. sperate it into parts. weigh out equal amounts of each type […] [...more]

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Most current Incense Herbal Online Head Shop News

Bath Salt Apocalypse: Long Island "Head Shop" Permanently Banned From … Following the A.G.'s investigation, lawsuits were filed against 12 head shop retailers across New York for violating the state's labeling laws by selling the designer drugs under the guise that they're merely "herbal incenses." However, these "herbal … Read more on Village Voice (blog) […] [...more]

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